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From the "guerrilla" evolution as a "commando", they only took a year!

▲ 2017 Outstanding Team - Group Urban Renewal Center to expand one

“Young” and “lively” are the first impressions of this team and the labels that are permanently attached to them. But this is a group of young people who "can clearly rely on the value of the face", but they have chosen "strength strength." They are the 2017 Group Outstanding Team Award Winners Urban Development Center.
In 2016, in the raging wave of urban renewal, the expansion of a team of two individuals was formally established. Although there are few people, they are young and energetic. They can drill a hole when they give them a hole. Therefore, they are internally named as “guerrillas”. In just one year, this "guerrilla team" has made great achievements in the local level, and has also stepped into the national market and won one quality project after another. Their team has also grown with the growth of their performance. The team has grown from the first two to the current 11 people. This "guerrilla" has become a Zhongtian commando.

▲ team members

Of course, to achieve such results, it is not enough to be young and dare to fight. In the end, what strength does this team have, so that they can be transformed from guerrillas into commandos in just one year? In fact, the partners who have dealt with them know that “professionalism”, “rigority” and “skillfulness” are the most appropriate descriptions for them. Some partners said that every communication with this team is the core of the problem, and the cooperation with them is really efficient and worry-free.
Such evaluations are directly reflected in their results.
In 2017, the City Renewal Center expanded a first-time promotion group and partners to carry out regional transformation, and reached cooperation with many first-class real estate enterprises in the country; at the same time, out of the local, and the domestic market. In less than a year, they won one quality mark after another.

▲ agreement signing site

▲ project site

In the second half of the same year, they successfully won Kunming Guandu and several TOD regional projects with a total construction area of about 530,000 square meters. They successfully locked several projects and totaled 2,338 mu of land, which made the Group's deep-rooted and national development strategy. Important contribution.

▲ project site

In addition to siege, they are also good at matchmaking. Promote Hong Kong Dingsheng Group to participate in multiple orbital TOD business projects.

▲Cooperate and exchange with Hong Kong Dingsheng Group

They are shouldering the burden of group investment expansion and urban renewal. They face obstacles, do not fear hardships, and are optimistic and positive. They are able to work hard and overcome difficulties.

▲ Optimistic and positive attitude

Of course, past glory will only become history. The transformation from "guerrillas" to "jabbers" is exactly the transformation of the team from "personal work" to "team success." Over the past year, they have gone all the way from "personal single-handedly fighting" to "team fighting". In actual combat, they know that no matter how strong they are, they can't be one thousand, but as long as they work closely together and exert the power of the team, the final victory often belongs to the team.

In 2018, the "Commando Team" shouldering the mission of opening up the territory, will continue to rush to the forefront, and use the spirit of perseverance and forge ahead to fight the market; to perceive the market with a keen sense of touch, to respond to the market with a strategic vision, in the journey of endeavor Everyone has their own duties, cooperate with each other, and with the power of teamwork, go forward forever!