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China Construction Bank Head Office investigates Zhongtian's “Industry + Supporting” development model
Yesterday (21st) morning, the head of China Construction Bank’s deputy governor, Yu Jingbo and other leaders, made a special trip from Beijing to Dongguan to Guangdong Zhongtian Group to investigate the “industry + supporting” model. Liu Jun, President of CCB Guangdong Branch, Deng Bo, Director of Provincial Branch Office, Zhu Limin, Director of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction, and Li Baosheng, President of CCB Dongguan Branch, and other relevant leaders.

▲Yu Jingbo, Liu Jun, Zhu Limin, Li Baosheng, etc.

At around 10:00 am, Yu Jingbo and his entourage arrived at the Creative Valley Park in the Nancheng City of Guangdong Zhongtian Group. They specially visited the supporting project of the park, Yueju Home+ Youth Apartment, and conducted in-depth research and exchange on Zhongtian's “Industry+Support” operation mode. Group President Zhang Yukai, Senior Vice President Zheng Tongen and the team briefed Yu Jingbo and his party on the road of transformation from traditional real estate to “industry+”, “service+” and “financial+” in recent years, and elaborated on the development of Home+ project. And future planning.

Zhongtian Group has been involved in industrial real estate for 8 years and is the first private enterprise in Dongguan to enter the industrial real estate sector. The industrial park is a heavy asset. It has a long period of investment and long-term return. From the early stage of land acquisition and development to the late investment and operation, it requires a lot of manpower and material resources. In the eight years of hard work, Zhongtian has learned a lot of lessons and summed up his own experience: Only by building a good industrial support can you do a good job in industrial operations.

During the investigation, Yu Jingbo and his entourage thoroughly inspected and thoroughly inspected the home and youth apartments of Yueju Home+ Youth Apartment, and conducted in-depth understanding and analysis of Zhongtian’s “Industry+Support” operation mode and profit model, and also paid on-site and youth rent. The customer communicated. During the inspection, Yu Jingbo expressed his appreciation for Zhongtian's response to the country's major strategic deployment, participation in the supply-side structural reform in the public service sector, and highly recognized Zhongtian's “industry+supporting” operating model.

In 2016, Zhongtian Group planned to develop “Young+” for the long-rental apartment project. In March 2017, Home+ Nancheng Store debuted in Dongguan. The first phase of more than 200 apartments was in the hot market and was quickly rented.

Zhang Lei, the person in charge of the project, said that Home+ Youth Apartment is based on the advantages of Zhongtian’s industrial clustering and the role of urban upgrading service provider. Based on the concept of “employment and residence balance”, the company has built an industrial service package integrating “production, city and people”. At the same time, with the help of “financial +”, the industrial financial big data service center is used as a service platform to open up the chain of financial services and provide multi-channel financial product services through linkage resources. In addition, Home+ also has a unique hotel management and service, which provides customers with a beautiful living environment and a space for social and social activities.

▲ National policy continues to encourage the development of long-term rental apartments

In the future, the Home+ product line will be more abundant. In addition to the youth apartments, it will be customized to the enterprise, young families, high-end apartment products and other directions.

After visiting the homes and facilities of Yueju, the research team also nodded and praised and made constructive comments. The Zhongtian team expressed sincere gratitude to the leaders of China Construction Bank, provincial banks, branches and municipal housing construction departments for their concern, attention and guidance on the development of Yueju Home+. The team will continue to improve, improve and improve service levels and service quality. , make the Home+ brand bigger and stronger.

When the project operation team talked about why Home+ can be popular in the market, the reason for summing up is that in the Home+ operation process, “service+” is placed first, and the service of “heart, intimacy, warm heart” makes young tenants love. On Home+.

▲Community courtyard inspection group photo

This year, Yueju Home+ will build thousands of sets of youth apartments in Dawan District and Shenzhen and Dongguan. And these products will continue to be optimized and improved in the market.

▲ Zhongtian·Yueju Home+Nancheng Store

▲Home+ young people in the first home of the city