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Responding to the country's strategy for rural revitalization, updating the beautiful Changan Xinmin with “industry+Matching”
A few days ago, Guangdong Zhongtian Group joined hands with Vanke and Chang'an Xinmin Community to sign a “cooperation agreement” in the auditorium of the community neighborhood committee under the witness of all village representatives and people from all walks of life.

▲ signing a photo

At the signing ceremony, Zhou Shufa, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xinmin Community and director of the neighborhood committee, said that the new land of Xinmin ushered in a new opportunity for historical development, and together with Vanke and Zhongtian, the urban renewal project will be on the Xinmin community and the surrounding economy. Humanities, livability and other aspects have brought new growth.

▲ Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Neighborhood Committee Zhou Shufa delivered a speech

The Xinmin Community faces the Pearl River Estuary and is located at the central axis of the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the key nodes of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor. Maozhou River surrounds the whole village, and faces the town of Shenzhen Baoan Shajing Town across the river. It is a bridgehead for Shenzhen Binhai New Area.

▲ Village representatives and people from all walks of life witness the signing

As a city upgrade service provider that serves the whole country and serves the whole country, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has been committed to urban renewal since 2001. So far, it has built a number of national and provincial science and technology industrial clusters, forming a “industrial+support” with Zhongtian characteristics. "The development model." In the old urban reform, Zhongtian insisted on the protection of the interests of local residents as the primary premise. By injecting the concept of “production integration, job and residence balance”, Zhongtian is committed to improving the quality of the city, satisfying the residents’ pursuit of a better life, and building a new urban industrial ecology. . The cooperation with Xinmin Community in signing the urban renewal project is in response to the national implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, with the “industry + supporting” model, along the Linshen area and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, to create green, quality and livable A modern community where the city's people integrate and develop.

▲ "People's Daily" screenshot

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China first proposed the concept of "beautiful China", and in the report of the 19th National Congress, "Beautiful China" was elevated to an unprecedented height. Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction to "build a beautiful and ecologically livable country, so that the majority of farmers have more sense of well-being and happiness." In response to the call of the party and the state, Guangdong Province and Dongguan City have successively introduced relevant policies and measures to encourage the construction of beautiful cities and beautiful villages through the "three old" transformation methods, local conditions and precise policies.

▲ Provincial Land Office file screenshot

In March of this year, Guangdong Province established the first provincial-level “three old” transformation associations; in early April, the Provincial Department of Land and Resources issued the “Opinions on Implementing the “Three Olds” Transformation Work”. In Dongguan, the Urban Renewal Bureau was established at the end of 2017 to promote the “three old” transformation work. In 2018, the government’s No. 1 document also started from focusing on the construction of “Beautiful Dongguan” and proposed to use the contiguous “Three Old” transformation and other demonstration projects. To promote the construction of beautiful Dongguan.

▲ Dongguan City Renewal Association First General Assembly

▲ 2018 Dongguan City People's Government No. 1 screenshot

In February of this year, in the special party class of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of Theoretical Learning Center (expansion), Liang Weidong, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, proposed that Dongguan should seek breakthroughs in expanding and optimizing space to eliminate the inefficient use of industrial space and the effect of urban renewal. Unobvious, high-quality development platform lacks bottlenecks, space for “three olds” transformation, elimination of backward production capacity, transformation of extensive space, optimization of urban form and industrial layout.

▲ signing the scene

The Xinmin Community Urban Renewal Project signed this time will implement the contiguous transformation through the “three old reconstruction and bundling public support”, and support the construction of public facilities such as hospitals and schools, and strive to become the “three old” transformation demonstration of Changan and even Dongguan. The project has become an important carrier for undertaking Shenzhen's industrial spillovers, promoting the effective integration of the Xinmin community into the development of the Binhai New Area, and helping Xinmin to become the economic growth point for Changan's multi-development.

▲Dongguan Vanke General Manager Zhou Wei delivered a speech

Zhou Wei, general manager of Dongguan Vanke, said in his speech that Dongguan Vanke will take the people's good life as its own duty. This time, together with Zhongtian, participate in the beautiful village construction and production city integration development of Xinmin community, through urban renewal and ecological restoration. Urban repair, industrial upgrading and other modes to meet the community's pursuit of a better life.

▲ signing the scene

On behalf of the group, Zhang Yukai said that the three parties will work together, and Zhongtian will take the collective interests as the first priority, and will not be responsible for all the villagers, aiming at improving the city's quality, and will create the most advanced front-line benchmarking demonstration zone and high quality in Linshen District. The production city integrates large carriers to help the city to iteratively upgrade.
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