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Innovative model to provide nutrients for Zhongtian development - Group Capital Operation Center
Starting from the traditional real estate industry, after nearly 20 years of development, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has become a large-scale diversified investment group with operations in 15 provinces and 35 cities in China and many overseas countries and regions, forming “industry + real estate + finance”. A core business-driven, innovative business model that delivers value growth and sustainable growth. In this process, every step is inseparable from the hard work and quiet efforts of a group of people, they are - the group capital operation center team.

▲ 2017 Most Valuable Team - Group Capital Operations Center Team

If the enterprise is described as a big tree, then its roots are deep and green, and the green is very straightforward. At Zhongtian, the Capital Operations Center team is the nutrient provider of Zhongtian’s big tree. As one of the core departments of the group, they have gathered from the two teams of the first two to the present, including “Group Business Financing”, “Investment Project Financing”, “Urban Renewal Financing” and “Industrial Financing”. The ministries not only play their respective advantages, but also can unite and cooperate with each other to provide financial support for the Group's business.

Over the years, based on the Group's strategy and business objectives, they have established an investment and financing system suitable for the company's management and development needs, so that the Group maintains a stable capital structure at reasonable cost; and according to the Group's overall plan, expands and deepens financing channels to meet the Group. Financial support for diversified development. In the process of rapid development of the Group, they plan the use of project investment, financing, payment, and repayment funds to enable efficient and orderly operation of capital, strictly control risks, and maintain a good credit history. At the same time, it has established long-term and stable strategic partnership with many financial institutions, and won a good market reputation with the principle of “seeking truth from facts and mutual benefit”.

▲ work site

In 2017, while continuing to dig deep into Dongguan, the Group actively implemented the “going out” strategy and joined hands with partners to develop provincial capital cities such as Guiyang, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing and Urumqi. The number of projects is increasing and the demand for capital is also growing at the same time. Through continuous deepening of the cooperative relationship with financial institutions and the innovation of business models, the Group's Capital Operation Center adopts various financing modes such as investment banks, funds and trust plans to solve the funding problems. In the same year, the total credits of the Group increased by approximately 45%, which provided sufficient financial support for the Group's investment and expansion business.

▲ team photo

As the "2017 Group's Most Valuable Team", the group's development process has their imprint, and the future of the group is inseparable from their efforts. In 2018, the difficulty of financing in the industry will increase. The Group's capital operation center will continue to maintain a prudent and stable style, actively respond to market changes, strengthen capital planning and cash flow management, control capital costs, and continue to adhere to the attitude of “both offensive and defensive, and every second counts”. Serving the Group and delivering better nutrients for the steady development of the Group's trees.