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Committed to the city, against the "mangosteen" attack! In the storm, "we" together!
On September 14th, the super typhoon "Mangosteen" came straight to Guangdong! According to the weather forecast, mangosteen is the strongest typhoon that has landed in China since 2018, and it is also the typhoon that has had the greatest impact on the Pearl River Delta since the typhoon "Holbe" in 1979.

Executives are deployed to prevent disasters

In response to the raging storm of “Mangosteen”, on September 14, the Group’s President Zhang Yukai issued an urgent notice, which was established by the group’s senior executive Ye Shaobin as the chief commander, Ouyang Feng, Zheng Tongen, Feng Yong, Zhang Lei, Xu Junzheng, Xiang Yufei, etc. The typhoon defense emergency response team composed of the “top leader” of the team and the business unit respectively conducts risk investigation, rescue and disaster relief and emergency command work for the group headquarters, industry, real estate, hotels, property, commercial and engineering projects, and requires the “top leader” of each company. Hour response duty, responsible for risk prevention and emergency handling within their own jurisdiction.

Before the typhoon

On the morning of September 14th to the 15th (Saturday), in Dongguan, before the typhoon came, the streets and alleys were still coming and going. Although the weather forecast on Saturday morning raised the typhoon warning to yellow, Dongguan was still calm. It's just a bit sultry.

Members of the typhoon defense emergency response team and the group management team all rushed to the project site to deploy wind and disaster relief work and inspect the implementation of relevant measures.

Posting notices, WeChat group announcements, door-to-door communication... Zhongtianxin and the property team remind merchants, tenants and owners to make defensive preparations for indoor and outdoor typhoons in various ways to ensure the safety of people, property and materials.

Emergency materials such as flood control sandbags, emergency lights, temporary generators, and spare flashlights are in place early in the park, community, shopping malls, and office buildings.

Xinhe and Hejia Property respectively conduct door and window inspection, billboards and streetlights for the parks, houses and office buildings under their jurisdiction; timely protect the easy-falling trees; clean up the debris in the rainwater wells and the top floor drainage ditch, confirm the drainage unobstructed. The staff of Yinfeng Yiju Hotel and Yinfeng Garden Hotel responded to the unexpected situation during the typhoon. All employees live directly in the hotel and are ready to invest in the work against typhoon.

When "waiting for a typhoon," many of them have been fighting for more than 24 hours without rest, and they only want to put all emergency measures to the fastest speed, with the utmost efforts to ensure the safety of equipment and facilities, merchants, tenants, The owner's personal and property safety.

Typhoon comes

On the evening of September 15, the typhoon orange warning rose to the red alarm. Immediately, the city launched a windproof Class I emergency response. The city stopped work (industry), stopped production, and suspended classes; the violent wind first rained as scheduled. When the citizens are on the verge of enemies, they begin to hide their food at home.

At this time, the executives of the typhoon defense emergency team kept an eye on the trend of the typhoon and maintained instant communication with each site 24 hours a day. The heads of the emergency response teams, the “top leaders” of each enterprise organized inspections overnight, implemented the “one-hour” reporting system, and timely reported the disaster to the chief commander and the president through telephone and WeChat.

There is a risk in the parking lot, and it will be solved immediately; the drainage ditch may not be smooth, clean up immediately...

At 9 o'clock on the morning of September 16, the "mangosteen" came forward, the trees were broken, the roads were blown down, the rivers were rising, and the roads were smashing... The media rolled out information to remind the public not to go out, to close the doors and windows to hide at home. The power of nature.

In the face of the strong storms, the group management team is focused on the staff of the post. Zhang Yukai, the president of the group who travels far away in the field, has repeatedly urged the staff of the post to ensure the personal safety of the employees. Provide them with all possible logistical support, including food, drinking water, protective equipment, and free access to hotel accommodation and meals to employees and their families who need help.

In the squally wind, a tree in the “gate of the city” was uprooted and rescuers were immediately disposed of.

The air conditioner outdoor compressor in the owner's home suddenly fell off in the squally wind and was extremely dangerous. Rescuers immediately cooperated with firefighters to carry out outdoor work at high altitudes to eliminate major safety hazards in a timely manner.

In the Workers and Peasants No. 8 project, the art of “Drinking Water Source” was blown away in the wind. In order to protect the art from being scraped into the river, the security frontline team put on the raincoat, not afraid of the storm, struggling, and will eventually scrape. The light bulb is retrieved.

In the Nanguo Yayuan project, in order to prevent the accumulated water from entering the lobby and damage the elevator, the owner is inconvenient to travel, and the rain is used to carry the sandbags as a waterproof wall.

Heavy rainfall and squally winds caused many outlets to be blocked by the fallen leaves. They used their own hands to eliminate them one by one...

Resistance to typhoon

On the evening of the 16th, "Mountain Bamboo" gradually drifted away after landing in Taishan, but the wind outside the window was still roaring. When everyone was happy with the risk reduction and the initial victory against Taiwan, the group management team and each business single handle quickly convened a disaster prevention summary meeting according to the situation reported by each project, and deployed the post-disaster on-site sorting and rectification of new work. Ensure that all customers and residents can travel and live the next day after the disaster.

Urban landscape after the disaster, reorganize the scene

Nanguo Yayuan post-disaster preparation, rectification site

Yatai Xincun after the disaster, finishing the scene

Songshan Lake International Financial Park after the disaster, finishing the site

Lianke disaster recovery, rectification site

From the typhoon, to the front of the storm, to the typhoon, and finally to the typhoon, the group went up to the management team, down to the front line of rescue personnel, always stay united and united, and there is a must, and the line must be the final result. victory. According to preliminary statistics, in addition to the greening of various projects, the “Mountain Bamboo” did not cause significant loss of life and property to the projects.

Thank you, Zhongtian, who is going against the wind! It is you who let Zhongtian's cohesiveness, leadership and execution be tested again in the most severe challenges.