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Actively participate in the cooperation between the port and the harbor.
At the promotion meeting, 39 contracts for the Wanang cooperation project were held at the same time, involving an investment of about 35 billion yuan. This batch of projects will bring the cooperation between Wangang and Hong Kong to a new level. Zhongtian Group was invited to participate in this promotion meeting, and signed two projects of “Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Venture Capital Fund” and “Guangdong-Hong Kong Science and Technology Incubation Center”. Lianke International Information Industry Park, International Financial Innovation Park, Lianke Binhai Zhijian Port, and Lianfeng Creative Valley (Guangdong and Hong Kong Qingchuang Base) were also featured as high-quality carriers.

▲2018 Wangang Industrial Cooperation Joint Promotion Conference

Wan and Hong Kong join hands to jointly seek new developments in the Bay Area

▲Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Liang Weidong delivered a speech

Liang Weidong, secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, pointed out at the promotion meeting that the strategy of building the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District has set a new historical stage for Dongguan to strengthen diversified cooperation at a deeper level and participate in international competition at a higher level. In the key window of the “Second Venture” in Dawan District, Dongguan is accelerating to move towards a high-quality development stage. In the future, it will provide more business opportunities and a broader stage for Hong Kong-funded enterprises and Hong Kong talents. Welcome Hong Kong to invest in Dongguan. Industrial, innovative and entrepreneurial. We firmly believe that as long as we grasp the major opportunities in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the cooperation between the two places will be able to move to new heights and create new glory!

▲Xiao Yafei, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, promoted the theme

At the meeting, Xiao Yafei, the mayor of Dongguan City, interpreted the conditions and advantages of Dongguan investment from six aspects: location advantage, space advantage, supporting advantages, cost advantage, policy advantage and business advantage. Xiao Yafei said that Dongguan is at the key point of the “A” shape of the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. With the acceleration of the integration process of the Bay Area, Dongguan will become the main axis of the integration of the east and the west of the Dawan District. It is not difficult to see from the policies issued by Dongguan in recent years that Dongguan has placed Hong Kong in a prominent position in terms of promoting investment attraction, industrial cooperation, science and technology finance, and in terms of talent introduction, cultural development and urban construction.

The space carrier resources in Dongguan are relatively abundant. Among them, the central city of Dongguan has created a high-quality ecologically livable “first-good district”, which will vigorously develop the productive service industry and actively develop “four” marked by new technologies, new products, new formats and new models. New economy." Dongguan has the largest contiguous land on the east bank of the Pearl River, including 53.3 square kilometers of neutron science city, 103 square kilometers of Songshan Lake Park, 60 square kilometers of Binhai New Area, 510 square kilometers of waterfront characteristic development economic zone, 17.4 square kilometers. The Yuehai Silver Bottle Cooperative Innovation Zone, etc., has a comprehensive range of mountains and lakes to meet the investment needs of various projects.

Committed to the development of the Bay Area, Zhongtian has been in action

In recent years, Zhongtian has adhered to the strategy of “integration of production and city development” and the integration of “industry, real estate and finance”, focusing on the field of innovative industries, creating an “industry + supporting” operating model of “innovative development model and integration of industrial resources”. Promote and enhance industrial competitiveness and regional competitiveness with the role of urban upgrade service providers.

After the introduction of the “National Strategy of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District” and the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Corridor Construction Plan”, it is located in the hub of the Dawan District, and its main business is also located in Guangdong Zhongtian, a highly developed and innovative economic belt along the axis of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Port. The Group actively responded to the call of the state and participated in the construction of the Bay Area in depth, and was active in promoting the construction of the Bay Area.

Focusing on the strategic deployment of “one corridor, two cores, three belts and multiple nodes” in Dongguan, the company has deeply cultivated the local carrier in the central city, Songshan Lake high-tech zone, and water town characteristic development economic zone; it has effectively promoted the city of Guanshengang. The flow of innovative elements and the undertaking of industrial upgrading.

From the development of Wenchuang carrier to the iteration of the technology park, and then to the industrial city of a thousand acres of industrial integration, Zhongtian has accumulated rich resources and experience in industrial layout and park operation, and has obtained 4 cities. The gratifying results of the 14 Parks will provide continuous momentum for the development of the Greater Bay Area.

▲Industry Zhongtian at the promotion meeting site

At the industry promotion conference, the Lianke International Information Industry Park, the International Financial Innovation Park, Lianke Binhai Zhijian Port and Lianfeng Creative Valley (Guangdong and Hong Kong Qingchuang Base), which were built by the industry, were unveiled as high-quality carriers. Has attracted the attention of many Hong Kong businessmen.

Lianke International Information Industry Park

[Enterprise CBD core headquarters, Bay Area Ecological Wisdom City]
Located in the core area of Nancheng CBD, it covers an area of 300 acres. As a corporate headquarters base, it integrates industrial incubation, technology research and development, and headquarters economy. It builds a corporate growth ecosystem with smart space and services, and forms a smart industry new city with "people" as the core.

International Financial Innovation Park
[Songshan Lake "Technology + Finance + Industry" Fusion Demonstration Zone]
Located in Songshan Lake, the total construction area is about 350,000 m2, which is the “financial +” demonstration park in the core area of Dawan District. Taking R&D office as the main body, we will support the development of clusters of high-tech industries and modern service industries with diversified and multi-channel modern financial services.

Lianke Binhai Zhijian Port

[Intelligent enterprise lean development is preferred]
Located in the hinterland of the water town plate, the major projects in Dongguan City carefully plan high-end production, R&D office, industrial service support, public technology service platform, commercial, residential and other multi-format smart manufacturing new cities with the standard of “Industry 4.0”. Through intensive use of land, operations, and financial resources, we will create an industrial environment with matching supply and demand and efficient operation, so that more “Gazelle Enterprise” in the Bay Area will be rooted in Dongguan.

Lianfeng Creative Valley
[Main City, Guangdong and Hong Kong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base]
Located in the central area of the main city, as a provincial creative industrial park, it provides one-stop services for enterprises in the fields of talent incubation, financing and venture capital promotion, and brand promotion. In recent years, Hong Kong Productivity Promotion Agency, Dongguan Public Science and Technology Innovation Platform, etc. The institutions have successively settled down and brought together many domestic and Hong Kong and Taiwan transformation and upgrading service resources.

Grab the opportunity in the Bay Area, and Zhongtian is ready to start again
On-site signing of 39 cooperation projects in Guangang
There are 2 projects involved in the signing of Zhongtian.

The conference reached 39 contracts signed by the Port of Hong Kong, including 3 contracted projects for major investment cooperation agreements and 7 projects for urban renewal intention investment. The focus is on cooperation in innovation and technology parks, TOD development, and construction of characteristic towns; We deepened 8 cooperation and contracting projects, focusing on economic and trade cooperation, talent exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship, and deepening the cooperation between the two places. The number of industrial investment cooperation contracts was 21, involving an investment amount of about 35 billion yuan.


▲Zhongtian executives and guests at the promotion meeting

▲Industry Zhongtian team at the industry promotion meeting site

Zhongtian, as an early-industry operator in Dongguan, was invited to participate in this promotion meeting to witness this high-profile and large-scale industrial event. At the meeting, Zhongtian and Hong Kong Yuhao Capital Group and other companies signed a cooperation contract with the “Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Venture Capital Fund” and the “Guangdong-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Incubation Center”, and planned to cooperate to set up venture capital funds around the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Youth Entrepreneurship Project. The entrepreneurial team and the foreign Hong Kong youth entrepreneurship project will provide financial services, encourage young people in Wangang to innovate and start businesses, and reserve the Guangdong-Hong Kong youth entrepreneurship project, so as to better create the agglomeration effect of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong Qingchuang Base”.

In the industry, Tianli has always attached great importance to the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao. The introduction of high-level talents, the introduction of innovative teams, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the construction of service platforms will also be the continuous strength of Zhongtian.

In the construction of the Hong Kong and Macau Industrial Resource Bank, Zhongtian has introduced high-quality resources and platforms to cooperate with a number of well-known institutions such as the Hong Kong Science Park, the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Ant Nest to serve the Hong Kong and Macau Youth Entrepreneurship Team and provide a full range of entrepreneurial services. . The Hong Kong Productivity Council has set up a Dongguan office in Zhongfeng's Lianfeng Creative Valley. Dr. Li, former president of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, has participated in professional exchanges.

In the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Science and Technology Platform, the industry has thoroughly interpreted the government's special policies to benefit Hong Kong and Macao youth, and deployed the Hong Kong and Guangdong Youth Entrepreneurship Base Station (Hong Kong Huake) in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park to synchronize the latest information between Guangdong and Hong Kong. Support Hong Kong and Macao youth to come to Dongguan for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In order to further promote the innovation cooperation of Wanang and Macao, Zhongtian took the lead in creating the Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Base in the three major areas of Guancheng, Nancheng and Songshan Lake. Through technology, finance, talents and market series of special services, we will create ideas, products and products. A one-stop innovative and entrepreneurial service platform for the Hong Kong, Macao and Macao youths who go to the market, from the market to the capital. The Guangdong-Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship (Wangcheng) Base in Guancheng has been operated for half a year, and has been certified by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as the “Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Joint Training Base” and the Provincial Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park. The “Entrepreneurship Incubation Base” of the Municipal Human Resources Bureau and the Dongguan Guancheng Association of Hong Kong established a permanent meeting place in Lianfeng Creative Valley.

▲On September 18, Lianke/Financial Park Yuegang Qingchuang Base unveiled the scene

New era, new situation, new opportunities. Zhongtian Group will adhere to the concept of “rooting in Dongguan and integrating into the Bay Area”. With greater determination, greater steps and greater layout, Zhongtian Group is committed to integrating into the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area and grasping the important historical opportunities endowed by the times. In the development process of Dawan District, a new round of development will be realized.