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CEG “Smart Building Industry Base” Helps Nanning Promote Smart Assembly Building Development
From smart phones to smart homes, from drones to driverless, new technologies and industrial upgrades are sweeping across all industries, including the most traditional construction industry. In the past two years, with the promotion of new technologies and policies, a revolution around the construction industry has quietly emerged.

▲Assembled buildings rise to national strategy to promote the modernization of the construction industry

Prefabricated buildings develop into national strategies

“Strive to use the time of 10 years or so to make the proportion of newly built buildings in the country to 30%.” In September 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the No. 71 document “Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Developing Prefabricated Buildings”. It is proposed to develop assembly-type buildings such as fabricated concrete structures, steel structures and modern wood structures according to local conditions. In March 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the three supporting policies of the “13th Five-Year Planned Building Action Plan”, “Management Measures for Demolition Building Demonstration City” and “Management Measures for Assembly-type Building Industry Base”, which will be clearly defined by 2020. National assembly buildings account for more than 15% of new buildings. So far, various provinces and cities across the country have issued documents to promote the development of smart assembly-type construction industry.

The so-called prefabricated building refers to the prefabrication of some or all of the components of the house in the factory, and then transported to the construction site for assembly, with "standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management", etc. feature. Not only is it as simple as building blocks, but it also has the advantages of less environmental pollution and meets the requirements of green buildings.

The development of smart assembled buildings is a major change in the way of construction. It is an important measure to promote structural reforms on the supply side and new urbanization. It is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor productivity and quality and safety, and promoting promotion. The construction industry and information industrialization will be deeply integrated, nurturing new industries and new kinetic energy, and promoting the elimination of excess capacity.

Smart Building Industry Base settled in Nanning

▲Nanning promotes the development of Zhihui assembly building

As an important node city of “One Belt and One Road”, Nanning seized the rare new opportunities for development and became a pilot city in Guangxi to promote the development of smart assembly buildings and modernize the construction industry. In early 2017, Nanning issued documents requiring “guarantee”. Sex housing, shantytown renovation projects, project housing construction, municipal administration, rails, pipe corridors, gardens and other projects have comprehensively carried out a pilot construction project.

After the horn of Nanning vigorously promoted the development of prefabricated buildings, in 2017, the Zhongtian Guangxi team, which had quietly cultivated the land of Bagui, for 5 years, actively responded to the call. After half a year of research and certification, it finally finalized Nanning, Zhongtianguang. The industrialized production base of the building will land in Wuming District, Nanning. In June 2018, in the salute of the major projects in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, the “Zhongtian Nanning Construction Industrialization Production Base” was started in Wuming District. This is the first “Smart Building Industry Base” that Zhongtian has landed in the Southwest. It is also an important point for Zhongtian Guangxi Company to respond to the call of Nanning “from October 2017, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings is not less than 30%”. Initiative.

According to the plan, the project will become a “smart building industry base” integrating research and development of new materials, smart assembly building materials, research and development, and industrial worker training. After the project is completed, it will effectively transform the Nanning construction industry and upgrade the building. Construction quality, promote green construction, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and play a positive role in leading the development of smart assembly-type construction industry in Nanning and even Guangxi.

▲On April 18, 2018, the project was officially signed.

▲Project started in June 2018

"Industry + supporting" mode operation base

In recent years, Zhongtian has adhered to the strategy of “integration and development of production and city development” and the development of “industry, real estate and finance”, focusing on the field of innovative industries, creating an “industry + supporting” operation mode of “innovative development model and integration of industrial resources”. Promote and enhance industrial competitiveness and regional competitiveness with the role of urban upgrade service providers.

Zhongtian Nanning Construction Industrialization Production Base was invested and developed by Guangxi Zhongtian Hengye Co., Ltd., and the Group Industry Zhongtian Team and Zhongtian Guangxi Team jointly planned and operated. In the past eight years, the industry Zhongtian team has successively built 14 kinds of industrial carriers of various types, and accumulated rich experience in development and operation. The planning and operation of the “Smart Integrated Building Industry Base” project in Nanning, the two teams will work together to build a base operation service with the “industry + supporting” model to help build beautiful Guangxi and beautiful Nanning.

▲Green water, green hills, beautiful Wuming

▲Wuming night view