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Zhongtian learns from outstanding peers - Park Business School enters Financial Innovation Park
On November 18th, the president of Sparks S-Park Park Business School visited the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and the industrial Zhongtian team in the hinterland of Dawan District. Fortunately, the industry benchmarked Donghu High-tech, Huaxia Happiness, Wenzhou Trust, Guangdong Xinhong The senior executives of Zhongye Huigu and other company executives exchanged face-to-face learning and exchanges, and through field research and in-depth observation, jointly explored the industrial investment and park operation under the new economic situation.

Investigating the International Financial Park▲

Ouyang Feng introduced the situation of Songshan Lake to the guests▲

Before the discussion and exchange, the president of the S-Park Park Business School, accompanied by Ouyang Feng, the vice president of the group and the chairman of the industry Zhongtian United, visited the Songshan Lake Ecological Science Museum and the International Financial Innovation Park. The industry Zhongtian Financial Park operation team introduced the development history, development status and future development plan of the park to the visiting guests.

Discussion and exchange▲

Subsequently, under the auspices of Shen Bin, the chief operating officer of S-Park and the Secretary-General of the Park Capital Alliance, the industry team and the industry executives of the S-Park Park Business School, the investment, operation and investment of industrial real estate. And the profit logic and other aspects have been discussed and in-depth exchanges.

Shen Bin presided over seminars and exchanges▲

Xu Rui, Deputy General Manager of Wenzhou Credit Group▲

Shi Huming, deputy general manager of Donghu High-tech▲

Wu Ping, General Manager of Guangdong Xinhong Industry Group▲

Yan Huiliang, Assistant to President of Zhongye Huigu, Speaking▲

Liu Xi, Director of China Happiness Industry Group, spoke▲

Wang Zhonghao, secretary of the Donghu High-tech Party Committee and deputy general manager▲

Wang Ruicheng, General Manager of Zhongye Huigu Investment Risk Control▲

Wang Xiaoyong, Vice President of Zhongye Huigu Finance▲

Zhang Yukai exchanged speeches▲

Ouyang Yangfeng participated in the study▲
Exchange scene▲

During the exchange, the distinguished guests shared their experiences in investment, operation and investment from different angles, and explained the views of the national strategy of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau's Dawan District on the future development trend of the industry.

End of communication▲

Guest photo▲

The half-day exchange ended in a harmonious atmosphere. Afterwards, the guests took a group photo. Through this exchange of learning, the industry has the privilege of sitting with different cities, executives representing different types of industrial real estate benchmarking companies, and in-depth discussions, harvesting the market-tested “truths” of the pioneers. . In the future, we will continue to learn from the benchmark enterprises in the industrial real estate industry to jointly meet the new era of industrial real estate booming!