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Focus on ecological civilization, grasp the industry opportunities
16th Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech Expo Innovation Forum concluded in May 2013 22-26 May , China 's annual scientific community brand event - The 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo held in Beijing 's Great Hall . CHITEC approved by the State Council , the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Commerce , Ministry of Education , Ministry of Information Industry and the State Council, the SASAC, China CCPIT, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing Municipal People's Government , Beijing CCPIT contractors . As CHITEC one of the biggest highlights , Zhongguancun Innovation Forum - Chinese industrial parks and business development forum to "focus on ecological civilization , to grasp the theme of industrial opportunities " on May 23 in Beijing held a grand hotel Quintiles .

Leading participants and guests : CPPCC Vice Abulahat Amudurexiti , High-Tech Expo organizing Committee Deputy Secretary , Director Xiongjiu Ling CCPIT Beijing , Haidian District, Mayor Sun Kai, Zhongguancun Development Group's total Manager Xu Qiang , Ministry of Science and Chinese Academy of Science and technology for Development Party Secretary Hu Zhijian , Ministry of Science and Chinese Academy of Science and technology Strategy researcher Zhao Gang , the famous economist , Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research Center Director Chen Nai wake SMEs , independent Power Producers Association (IPPF ) Co-Chairman of Asia , the Beijing BDStar navigation Technology Co., Ltd., ZHOU Ru Xin, chairman of the Association of listed companies in Zhongguancun , Beijing Sinovac biotech Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Wei-dong , vice-President of the Beijing Haidian District People's Song Yushui , innovation Works COO Tao Ning, Asian Science Park Association Executive Director Songren Xie , China people's University Institute of cultural and creative industries Jinyuan Pu , history and Philosophy of Science , Peking University Science research Center Director Wu Guosheng , Wall Enterprise strategy Institute Wang Delu such a series of senior government officials, entrepreneurs and nationally known experts and scholars attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Guests of new technology on the world economic trends , Zhongguancun innovation efforts, innovation incubator , listed companies competitive knowledge industry business models in the new situation , focus on new trends unfold .

Forum held in China Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony . The vote set up a " Chinese innovation leader Award", " China Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award", " China Innovation Excellence Brand Award ", " China Innovation Award for the park ecological civilization ", " China Innovation Park Service Excellence Award" " China innovation Award for technology companies , China green building Award , China's national industry innovation awards eight prizes. Guangdong Zhongtian Group and Unitech International information Industry Park were awarded the" China innovation Award for Technology Enterprise "and" China innovation Park ecological Civilization Award " ;

Summary numerous leadership speeches , we all have expressed the following views +
Implementation of land intensive land use , develop industrial estate ; ( number of leaders mentioned )
The organic integration of technology and financial innovation and development is an inexhaustible motive force ( Zhongguancun Development Group General Manager Xu Qiang )

First, the interaction of technology and finance is the driving force of innovation and development , technology and finance the production process as a modern society the most active factor , science and technology are primary productive forces , and finance is the first impetus to alternate between the two interactive relationship , on the one hand to promote technological innovation elements of financial and effective integration , innovative technologies and products to enhance the value of investments . On the other hand , technology and innovation as the financial industry to provide new demands and challenges , technological development and finance must be converged to form a virtuous circle and interactive , which means that the first impetus primary productivity and effective combination of organic order form the most effective competitive.

Three well-known history of the industrial revolution is as in financial innovation. The steam engine is widely used as a symbol , as early as the first industrial revolution 100 years ago, heat and pressure on the relationship and has been proven by scientists discovered . However, from theory to the industrialization of the process , and ultimately realize the reason why in the UK , but thanks to Britain before the industrial revolution, a revolution of its technology finance and innovation. The financial revolution is reflected in three aspects, first, the government has pledged massive revenue bonds ; Second is to establish a Western-style joint-stock banks ; Third, the establishment of local stock exchanges . The second industrial revolution , innovations produced in the United States, in the United States get the fastest application , the invention of automobiles from Germany to the United States was the first car to achieve a large-scale standardized production . At that time the emergence of investment banking , corporate mergers and acquisitions market realization of industrial capital and financial capital combined with increasingly close . Third industrial revolution in atomic energy computer space technology and life science and technology invention and application of new technologies , but also due to technological innovation to create a new industry , and then by industry to promote the development of society , while the financial sector and the financial sector produced such innovation . Technology banks, investment institutions , etc. In the third revolution in financial innovation provides an important impetus to the United States as the representative of some of the famous Silicon Valley innovation and technology center development and growth, in 1971 the U.S. Nasdaq market, set up high-tech enterprises , the birth of IBM, Intel , Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google and other large number of world renowned companies .

According to statistics , the United States since the 1970s the amount of venture capital less than 1% of GDP , but the companies receiving venture capital to create a direct contribution has reached GDP10%, history proved that technological revolution coupled with financial innovation can bring industrial revolution , who among the industrial revolution has been the combination of technology and who will be able to get financial innovation .

Second, the Zhongguancun Science and Technology development outcomes :

2012 demonstration class enterprise 's annual income reached 2.5 trillion , 179 billion of corporate profits , on the Beijing economic contribution rate of 24% ; economies of scale is 2.7 times that in 2007 , these developments have been Zhongguancun science and technology support for financial services . Zhongguancun now have venture capital and private equity investment structure 301 , in 2012 to raise new funds established in Zhongguancun reached 40 billion , accounting for one-third of the country's venture capital , innovation and the birth of the factory , the new entrepreneurial services. Secondly , to explore the small micro-enterprise financing guarantee service financing, credit loans , credit insurance and trade finance collection of a variety of financial products . There are 17 banks set up branches in Zhongguancun , Zhongguancun Development Group has begun to demonstrate financial innovation constitutes a series of platform system , set up last year the country's first intellectual property operating companies , the establishment of financial companies leasing companies. As of the end of , the cumulative amount of guarantees Zhongguancun enterprises reached 68.6 billion , in addition to various risks reach 10 billion investment fund , Zhongguancun small loans issued 4,000,000,000 total loans. Active again build multi-level capital market , the initial formation of the Zhongguancun plate, Zhongguancun end of last year 240 listed companies , 243 participating enterprises in Zhongguancun , listing and filing enterprises reached 122 . Billions of dollars of annual revenue enterprise 1900 , the annual increase 200 ;

Innovation and entrepreneurial environment reflects the annual number of innovative enterprises in Zhongguancun is 4000 , Silicon Valley was 17,000 . In 2011 the total number of enterprises in Zhongguancun 78 billion R & D expenses , U.S. Cisco 2010 is 33.2 billion , oracle is 28.5 billion , far exceeding our innovation investment enterprise . The main reason is a combination of science and finance does not close , the absence of angel investment funds , capital markets function is not complete, corporate R & D investment credit service mode lag , we face differences.

3, the Finnish innovation system basis ( two guests for explanation )

——Education Nation , of science and technology , small and medium rich , big business power.
——Primary and secondary education in Finland is mainly interested in training, students do not work ;
——University : the creation of innovative professional, technical innovation, and encouraging measures: university incubators , research owned by individuals ;
——Industrial Park Management concept: people-oriented business needs and set up a virtual front ( ie, information center foreground ) ,
——To retain the employees of the enterprise to retain ;
——Support policies : national level policy + cluster policies ; funds amount to € 5 billion / year
——Finland has 400 investment in China , Chinese investment in Finland, 20 ;
——Stimulating the national economy over the next 20 years to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises , capital , talent ( economist Chen Nai awake )
——Cite economic levers to guide enterprises to invest its own funds technical reform , the state should set up a special fund for SMEs technological progress ( market operation ) , the bank established enterprises in technological innovation and other preferential loans ;
——Deepen the market economic system , to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions , rapid elimination of backward production capacity, reduce barriers to entry for SMEs and feudal monopoly market , reduce the burden on enterprises ;
——Improve the market structure , improve the technology market, promote exchange of patents , accelerate scientific research ;
——Management orderly team , improve the quality of personnel , technical personnel to enhance the middle of the play ;
——Tsinghua Science Park Success Factors ( Tsinghua Science Park Development Center Director Chen Hongbo )

——Science and Technology Park in the end is what function ? Why do Science Park incubator ? Silicon Valley Why can produce batches of so many high-tech companies do ? Why do we have to do and Technology Park ? Answer is simple and Technology Park is a small business incubator , small business is a small sapling , if the surrounding environment is very good , they grow into the forest , the forest of tropical rainforest region without fertilization , they can grow into a tree .

Science and Technology Park of success factors :
First : Choose a good location .
Second: there must be suitable for business growth around the various resources .
Third: good service system, need someone to do service for the enterprises .
Fourth: choose a good business park , what kind of business you want to hatch ? Why Enterprise Services ?

——Tsinghua Science Park did two decades , the main park in Beijing, more than 70 million square meters, is the world's single largest technology parks , the number of employees is over the counter , from 7:30 to 9:30 , into building 35,000
——Resources: all levels of government to develop policies , very positive interaction with the government . Industry resources , Netease and Sohu , Google all in our park ;
——Finance: there is no financial support for small businesses is difficult to grow up.
——Service : The service is the key enterprise in the end what ? Not give him anything, but take the time to investigate more thoroughly , inside the park enterprises need. Second , high value-added services , incubation services, financial services , science and technology parks with international good ratio, the difference is the basis of our park , restaurant , toilets, meeting room management, these areas there is a big gap. Good service is the key person , you need to have a team , this team should vision, taste, feel, they do service, now put it on , then there is no such group of people you do not serve it . Tsinghua Science Park, the service is divided into general services and value-added services , general services which are very detailed list of what made the level of basic services . Value-added services include: technology transfer , investment and so on. For different businesses, small customers and medium-sized customers, large customers should have what kind of support , after 20 years of development has a very rich experience, we have an experienced team of very stable, for 20 years no major changes in the core team.

Small customers may need you to help him find someone , large customers may be put elevators, water, electricity, air conditioning maintenance is good. Customers can also be assigned to the park when the different stages provide different services , for some very promising enterprises to focus more time and attention to their Diamond Plan . For small businesses, young entrepreneurs , we introduced old classmates, old alumni with them one on one, face to face requires not less than four hours per month , if you agree, we sign the agreement .

For the selection of enterprises in the park , have a combination of both economic and social benefits .
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