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Qingyuan New U.S. imperialism Bay fired first
April 28 for Dijingwan test pile project, started in Qingyuan U.S. imperialism Bay first pile. Qingyuan Dijingwan new Sino-US project site is located in Qingyuan City, Dongcheng Street Long Po village committee jurisdiction, because the region's geology is complex due to the presence of the cave and avoid the wrong pile shape, causing all efforts fall short to happen, Therefore, to determine the pile shape for Dijingwan project development is a crucial decision. Dijingwan project team recruited units with all the parties concerned expert opinions, the final decision to use hammering piles. On the 28th day, in accordance with local custom for worship ceremony started, started to show down! With peace auspicious meaning of firecrackers sing, workers engine control, good piling preparation. "Bang!" Sound exciting voice sounded thunderous standing ovation. The voice sounded, meaning Qingyuan New U.S. imperialism Bay project successfully fired the first pile. As of May 7 evening time ago, has successfully completed all test pile Building 1-5. Here, warmly congratulated the new American made the first step in Qingyuan victory! Started down!

Qingyuan new Sino-US Dijingwan projects planned total land area of about 91,880 square meters, ground floor area of approximately 30,707 square meters, underground construction area of about 49,135 square meters, the building density of 19.5%, the volume ratio 3.3, 30% green space, commercial and ancillary area of about 8019 square meters, residential area of about 2,942,500 square meters, with a total number of about 3100.