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Songshanhu letter Bureau Huang Quan Secretary and his entourage visited the mirror
August 30 afternoon, the Songshan Lake Board by letter line twenty people in the yellow mirror Ambrose led by the Secretary to visit Songshan Lake Park project investigated the international financial innovation, financial innovation park project Lei, general manager, deputy general Hailiang segments were received.

Mr WONG his entourage went to finance the first phase of the project Innovation Park venture capital industry building buildings under construction in the financial services outsourcing base and financial experience museum to visit, listen to executives of financial innovation park project report projects industry positioning, industrial services platform to build , construction progress, attract investment enterprises and other aspects. Mr WONG Financial Innovation Park project very much agree with the overall development planning, professional project management team, project support services and facilities improvement and building construction details of the deal appreciated. The two sides also had good service for the enterprise exchange of experience and the next step docking museum experience as the financial Songshanhu Entrepreneurs Association Activities were consulted and agreed to jointly support the development of e-commerce industry venture capital building construction vector .