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Italy TUCANO (Tuo Kanuo) design company
Spring, April 27, transit ? Luen Fung Creative Valley in outside managers in Guancheng District Director and Mr. Xiao Jianfeng park is mainly responsible for the common witness Mr. Ye Weidong, with Italy TUCANO (Tuo Kanuo) Design company successfully signed. This is the transit creative Valley's first successful introduction of foreign well-known design company, is thriving creative industries transit milestone.

"Tuo Kanuo" from Italy, adhering to the Italian design and craftsmanship. After 27 years of development Tuoka Nuo, provide the world with computer bag, computer accessories and digital products small Italian brands. China and the Asia-Pacific region with approximately 100 dealers and distributors of cooperation, Tuo Kanuo products has covered more than 500 Apple authorized dealership, are found in high-end shopping centers and computer City. Tuo Kanuo General Manager, Mr. Gallina by multiple visits, and ultimately selected to animation design, home improvement, furniture design, advertising design studios and individual designers, offering art, Smart Xpress space LIANFENG creative valley floor. Luen Fung Creative Valley Hebo Lin Vice President, attended the signing ceremony.

After the ceremony, Guancheng District Government and Tuo Kanuo FECO Xiaozhu Ren, general manager, Mr. Gallina friendly discussions and to foreign investment enterprises in the design category Guancheng District exchanged views on the development!