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Zhangjiajie Dragon Court passed the international project total compliance program
December 19, 2012, Zhangjiajie, Hunan project passed "Zhangjiajie longting international residential construction detailed planning" approval!

Zhangjiajie project teams from 18 September 2012 to restart, after the joint efforts of the project, detailed planning of the project successfully passed the municipal government for approval. The total construction area of 678,609.2 square meters, floor area ratio 2.91, 26.0% building density, green rate of 40.2%, 2,764 parking spaces, the total number of 3757.

Project in two phases, a total construction area of 463,309.9 square meters, mainly for apartments, residential and ancillary commercial street,; two total construction area of 215,299.3 square meters, mainly for residential and ancillary commercial street, clubs and kindergartens and other public service facilities , a total of 1152.

Longting international project is transit investment real estate in different places the first project, the project is completed, in order to provide a high local people Zhangjiajie, harmonious large-scale integrated communities, will become a benchmark for the local community.