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Public service platform to build industry clusters - Municipal Political Consultative Conference

The Dongguan CPPCC held a seminar to promote the "three-fold" construction. More than 300 CPPCC members attended the meeting and held a relaxed environment in which the members of the committee spoke freely. Chairman of the CPPCC Li Yiquan, deputy mayor Wu Daowen, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC He Jiaqi, Yan Mingzi, Lu Wei, Zhong Yiquan, Zhang Yuqi, Mo Boxing attended the meeting. The heads of the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Economic and Trade Bureau, the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Land and Resources Bureau, and the Planning Bureau were invited to attend the meeting.

The “triple” construction is a major strategy for the transformation and upgrading of our city. In recent years, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has been committed to building an industrial platform. It has led the development of the International Financial Innovation Park in the Songshan Lake Development Zone and the Lianke International Information Industrial Park project in the Nancheng Shuiyu Mountain. Among them, the International Financial Innovation Park project covers an area of 260 acres, which will become a financial service industry cluster that mainly radiates from the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. The Lianke International Information Industry Park project covers an area of 500 mu and has been included in the key construction projects of Guangdong Province and Dongguan City in 2012, focusing on the high-tech information industry gathering park.

In the specific "triple" construction promotion work, the municipal government issued opinions on promoting the integration of science and technology, finance and industry as an important breakthrough path to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan's industry. Guangdong Zhongtian Group also has a deep understanding of the actual operation of industrial parks. It must rely on enterprises as the carrier and industry as the basis, and the key breakthroughs in technology and financial services can effectively promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. Therefore, in this "three-fold" construction seminar, our group put forward the thinking and suggestions:

First, in terms of how to build an industrial cluster public service platform, there are three points to consider:

1. Create a public technology service platform

Dongguan's industry has always been based on traditional manufacturing. However, under the new situation, we must promote the "three-fold" construction, to carry out industrial restructuring, industrial transformation and upgrading, we must cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises, we must rely on industrial platforms or professional parks to build a public technology service platform. In the industrial park operated by Guangdong Zhongtian Group, it has reached a strategic cooperation with Beijing Tsinghua Industrial Development Research Institute. Earlier this month, we set up an industrial development research center in the Zhongsheng Village Dongsheng Science and Technology Park in Beijing. At the same time, we also set up a public technology service platform in our own industrial park. It is hoped that through the construction of science and technology platform, the development of strategic high-tech industries will optimize the industrial structure of Dongguan manufacturing industry.

2. Create a public financing service platform

Financing difficulties have always been an important factor that plagues the development of enterprises. Enterprises in different stages of development have different forms of funding needs. Guangdong Zhongtian Group actively uses its own capital and talents to coordinate with the government to jointly build the “Nancheng Science and Technology Innovation Fund”. At the same time, it also actively introduces various investment and financing institutions to jointly build a public financing service platform for Nancheng District. Park enterprises provide services such as venture capital, financial incubation and equity investment.

3. Create a public supporting service platform

The public service supporting platform includes a series of services such as talent training, product display, license processing, business support, life support, data processing, etc. Through these platform services, the company can reduce the operational burden and enable the enterprise to fully devote limited resources to Important core competitiveness aspects such as product development, technology enhancement, and channel expansion.

Second, the government should give necessary policy support

In addition to building a public service platform service for industrial agglomeration, the success of industrial platforms and professional industrial park operations also requires strong government support. As the helm of the “triple” construction, the government has certain supervision and guidance to professional real estate operators and enterprises. It also needs to provide policy support to enterprises and operators according to the actual needs of enterprises.

When an enterprise enters an industrial platform or enters a park, it will consider various factors such as market, revenue, operating costs, and enjoyment of policies. Zhongtian Operation Industrial Park also encountered typical policy requirements in the process of investment promotion, including several core policy issues such as tax reduction, listing incentives and property rights division. The division of property rights is the focus of enterprises. The enterprises that enter the park are concerned with the safety of business operations, especially those enterprises that are engaged in R&D and back-office services at headquarters. They invest a lot, such as equipment, decoration and special buildings. For this reason, they are more concerned about their assets. Curing and clarity of property rights. At the same time, some enterprises have put forward the "three independent" demands from their own development and market considerations, namely independent property rights, independent space and independent title. It is understood that in other cities, these reasonable requirements of enterprises can be met, but there are still some obstacles in our city. To this end, the policy of the city government is called not to lag behind other cities, so that the good enterprises that will be settled in the city will be taken away by the preferential policies of other cities.

In summary, in the process of promoting the “triple” construction in our city, how to build an industrial cluster public service platform, whether the government can provide supporting policies for industrial platforms or professional parks, and sustainable development of industrial platforms or professional parks. It is vital. As a professional industrial operator, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has gradually matured in practice, and hopes to build an industrial platform and professional parks, attract leading enterprises, provide public platform services, and with the support of government policies. For Dongguan's "triple" construction, Dongguan's industrial transformation and upgrading, contribute a small force.
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