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Services, is productivity - remember Ferrari, Maserati stationed in Granville Mansion
On August 6, Zhongwei Building officially signed a contract with Shenzhen Jiahong Trade Development Co., Ltd. The first floor of Zhongwei Building will become the exclusive exhibition hall of world famous cars such as Ferrari and Maserati in Dongguan. By then, the majority of fans will be able to feast their eyes on Zhongwei Building and see the charm of the world's top luxury cars. Ferrari and Maserati car stores are expected to open at the end of the year.

Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Jiahong Trade Development Co., Ltd. is China's leading 4S dealership group with a registered capital of 100 million. It mainly deals in luxury and ultra-luxury imports such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bujiadi, Ferrari and Maserati. Car sales and after-sales and other automotive business. Since the establishment of the first Bentley luxury car dealership in Guangdong Province in 2002, the company has been rapidly expanding its car dealership business, establishing different brands of auto 4S stores in several economically developed cities, and enjoying very much in the Shenzhen auto market. High visibility. This time, Zhongwei Building was also the first 4S luxury brand store in Dongguan, which specializes in Ferrari and Maserati. The location of the company is very demanding. Most of them are located in the core area of the city CBD. The reason for choosing this site is Zhongwei Building. First, because the location of Zhongwei Building is superior, it is close to the Nancheng Business Center. The transportation is very convenient. There are several prominent factors such as strong purchasing power and complete commercial facilities. In addition, there is another important reason for the hotel-style service provided by Zhongwei Building.

It is understood that the property management of Zhongwei Building is jointly provided by Hong Kong Yinfeng International Hotel Management Company and Zhongtianxinhe Property with international background. As the first truly hotel-style service office building in Dongguan, after one year of hard work, Get the unanimous approval of the tenants, be able to respond efficiently to the needs of the renter, and provide any required services at any time. “In addition to the standards of the location and hardware, we value the supporting software services.” This is the choice of Zhongwei Building. The common views of many owners. Shenzhen Jiahong Trade Development Co., Ltd. has settled its Ferrari and Maserati in Zhongwei Building, which means that the quality service of Zhongwei Building has been widely recognized by the rental market.

According to Qian Ruiping, deputy general manager of Zhongtianxin and property, in addition to Zhongwei Building, Songshan Lake Venture Capital Center and Zhonghui World Bank Center, which will be put into use at the end of the year, will also provide efficient and high-quality hotel-style management services. The investment targets of Songshan Lake Venture Capital Center and Zhonghui World Bank Center are mainly high-tech industries, IT industry and other high-quality industries. Zhongtianxinhe will continue to combine the industry characteristics and the surrounding elements of Songshan Lake to continue the original service. Improve and upgrade to ensure a high level of service quality. Through continuous improvement and enhancement of service level quality, Songshan Lake Venture Capital Center and Zhonghui World Bank Center will attract more businessmen to join.
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