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The Group held the "Vanke Cost Management and Control Sharing" exchange meeting
As an engineer, or an employee in cost, finance, or management related positions, would you like to know the development cost of Vanke? Want to learn from Vanke's cost management? I want to know how the “Zhongtian?Wankelang Runyuan” project jointly developed by Zhongtian and Vanke has achieved the development cost reduction? In order to improve the professional knowledge and professional ability of relevant personnel, on July 12th, the Group held “Zhongtian?Wankelang Runyuan Target Cost Optimization Case Analysis and Vanke Cost System and Zero Waste Planning Sharing Class”, from Zhongtian Wancheng in Guangdong Chen Xueling, the cost engineer of the company, spoke about more than 40 colleagues from the group headquarters, Zhongtian Real Estate, Zhongtian Wancheng and other companies.

The exchange will share with you the Dongguan Vanke high-rise residential cost planning management standard, Dongguan Vanke cost zero waste plan, project price database, field cost engineer manual, and Zhongtian Wankelang Runyuan project cost optimization case. The content of the exchange includes both the professional theory of the system and the detailed success stories, and combines the cost management and control concepts and advanced experience of Dongguan Vanke with the related businesses of the Group, especially the optimization of the target cost of Zhongtian Wankelang Run Park. The analysis of the examples is simple and straightforward, and it is in line with the actual business of the group. The colleagues present have expressed their benefits.