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Southland Nga 90-130 square wangjiang new opening sales throughout the city
On June 30th, Zhongtang Nanguo Yayuan 90-130 Fangwangjiang new product grand opening, the day's sales of 90% and follow the public, the hot selling momentum was out of control, sensational throughout the Dongguan property market, on the last day of the half-year for the Dongguan property market I got a perfect answer.

Opened the market into a focus, the sales of 90% and follow the public

In the raging storm of the first typhoon "Du Suzhen" this year, the enthusiasm of customers to purchase houses is still unabated, and they have come to Nanguo Yayuan to subscribe for houses. According to the on-site statistics, on the opening day of June 30, a total of 203 customers were received. On the same day, only 86 sets were sold, and the number of visitors was 2.5 times that of the number of sales. This number may be common for some hot-selling properties, but For a township plate, especially in the case of "typhoon", it is believed that there are only a handful.

At the opening of the scene, many customers rushed to the sales center at 7:00 in the morning. Mr. Chen, who is engaged in the individual wholesale business, said that “the original purchase was made at the last opening. I didn’t expect that because of the sudden delivery of the goods, the purchase was completed at 11:00, and my heart was also selected. My heart is not a taste, I want to take action early next time to recognize the opening, do not miss the opportunity again."

Good selling is king, the only Wangjiang mansion in Zhongtang

It will be sold at the opening of the market, which has almost become the law of the South China Yayuan. It also proves that the image of Nanguo Yayuan as a "good dish" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This batch is a new 90-130 square Wangjiang product that is upgraded. It is the only one with Zhongjing resources in Zhongtang, and it is close to the urban rail station. It can be said that it is in the hands of the stars, and the prospect of upgrading is unlimited. Regardless of the landscape or the structure of the apartment, it is more advantageous, and it is worthy of the king of the whole community. Among them, the 130m2 four-bedroom unit is more prominent, and the gift area is as high as 16m2, which is worthwhile. And with a large sky garden, after a meal, the family can watch the outdoor scenery together, chat together, very comfortable. And to create a super wide floor space, the view is unobstructed, here, the appearance of the river view, the view of the garden, everything is free. Sitting north facing south, double balcony, pure convection space, let the whole indoor air fresh, the sun is not reduced.

And all this, in the Southland Yayuan, in this veritable Zhongtang chief city Jiangjing market, all the configuration of a city, all the happiness of life, can be enjoyed and experienced here.
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