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Zhongtian ? million colones Run Park on French life
On June 9th, Zhongtian ? Wankelang Runyuan Marketing Center was grandly opened. Thousands of customers from Shenzhen, Tangxia, Qingxi, Fenggang and the Pearl River Delta were eagerly present. The private cars lined up a long team, only Guangdong B car accounted for 30%. The Langrun Garden Sales Center is decorated with new decorations and a festive atmosphere.

The opening activity is based on the V card as the main goal, and the activity process is compact and orderly. The whole process of “door-partition introduction-card-free experience” is completed in one go, and with the promotion of the Cannes Tourism Awards, the card crowd is active, and the event is arranged on the same day. The department lengthened the whole process of the Hummer parade, with the passion of the French band on the spot, as well as the French exquisite snacks and fruit tasting, DIY mug making, creating a strong French style and elegant temperament.

Zhongtian?Wankelang Runyuan is the fourth project in cooperation with Vanke Real Estate. The project is located at the core of Tangxia East International Residential Area. It is located in Yashan in the north and Yutang Reservoir in the south. It is located in Guanlan Golf and Daping Village. Large-scale high-quality green ecological resources such as parks, Yinli Golf, and Baoshan Ecological City are clustered. It is close to Dongguan Light Rail R4 line, east to the planning of the Wanguan Expressway and Boshen Expressway, and only 20 minutes drive from Wanguan Expressway to Shenzhen Luohu. The transportation is convenient; the educational resources represented by Tangxia Junior High School are close at hand. The central business district represented by Wal-Mart and Tianrong Department Store is instantly available. Others such as medical, recreation, and catering are available. Tangxia East International Settlement is a purely high-end residential area clearly planned by the Tangxia government. It will become a gathering place for high-end people in Guanshen in the future. Its value has now entered the blowout period from the imaginary period, just like a piece of jade blooms with dazzling brilliance. .

With the northward shift of Shenzhen's central axis, the extension of CBD, and the rise of Longhua New City, in the state of Shenzhen's increasingly scarce land and limited development space, Tangxia, which is close to Longhua New City, has become a superior mountain water resource and traffic environment. Shenzhen's most indispensable strategic hinterland. Under the market competition, Zhongtian ? Wankelang Run Park will become the biggest winner with its innovative product design concept and the ultimate detail.

Zhongtian ? Wankelang Run Garden draws on the planning principle of “new urbanism” and the design method of “French Romanticism” to create a complex, diverse and low-density living space. The overall planning layout is high in the north and low in the south, leaving more open space and visual corridors to the city; the green space in the house is rich and natural, creating a good local physical climate; each residential group and public building strengthens the individualized design of the external space. Improve the quality of the living environment, provide space for communication, and achieve a simple and comfortable living in a rhythmic architectural language, which explains the concept of modern living.