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Zhongtian·City Gate's residential opening sales are 90% hot
There are no noisy songs and dances, no five-star hotel shop, Zhongtian·City Gate has no intention to create a craze, but after the April apartment opening was snapped up, June 9th Zhongtian·City Gate is in the expectation of buyers. "High-profile" debut.

On June 9th, the summer weather conveyed to us the passion of temperature, and at the opening of the city gate, the burning was also passion. As with all foresight, the city's door residences are showing strong performance for the first time, because the brand of Zhongtian Ten Years is great, because the door of the city is the pursuit of excellence, regardless of whether the people who are present are buying or watching, the city gate has been acquired. The market is highly recognized.

Why does the city gate attract so many customers? The five peaks of the city's gates have created a situation in which the city is snapped up:

Five-star regional advantage: owns the city CBD, COD, the project is located in the base of the Nancheng headquarters, and goes to the headquarters base for three minutes.

World-class transportation network: The door of the city gathers Dongguan Avenue, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, R2 Light Rail, Dongguan Avenue Extension Line, and Guandadao Road. It is the highest point in the traffic center, 10 minutes to Dongguan CBD, 30 minutes to Guangzhou, 40 Minutes to Shenzhen.

Three-dimensional perfect matching: 9500m2 Southeast Asian garden, with stone forest trails, exquisite thatched pavilion, interesting sculpture pieces, 1800m2 business and leisure platform, 7000 m2 shopping street in front of the door, pedestrian traffic in the district, with underground garage, More high-standard five-star property management.

The first eight-star product: the city's first 76 square meters four-bedroom, the use of up to 100 square meters, the gift rate of 30%, unique throughout the city.

Five-star civilian price: The total price of 3-4 rooms in the city is between 700,000 and 1.2 million/set. The same 3-4 room city gate only needs about 550,000/set, and the two-bedroom house costs four rooms. It is no longer a dream that the RV is in place.

According to statistics, 92 suites were sold on site, and a total of more than 80 sets were sold.