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Fengcheng China Health selenium Valley Project
Since the China Health Selenium Valley project team officially started its work in Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province in September last year, the project has continuously made new progress with the cooperation and support of the Fengcheng government, the correct guidance of the board of directors and the joint efforts of the team members. Achieving a gratifying breakthrough in “re-entry”.

At the meeting of the China Health Selenium-rich Selenium Hot Spring Project Dispatching Conference held earlier, the Mayor of Fengcheng Government, Jin Sanyuan, positioned our project as “a leading project to promote the integration and integration of Nanchang Fengcheng and foster the modernization of Fengcheng. The demonstration project of the service industry and the leading project to promote the transformation of Fengcheng's industry, Jin Mayor said that the Health Selenium Valley project will realize the early realization of the strategic goal of “taking the leading role in the industry, leading the central and western regions and re-entering the top 100” in Fengcheng. Very important meaning.

Under the great attention of the Fengcheng Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, the city has recently set up a leading group for the development of selenium-rich selenium hot springs in China. The mayor of the Municipal People's Government, Jin Sanyuan, is the leader of the group, and the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Zou Xiaoping, is the executive deputy. The team leader, in conjunction with other major departments, is a member of the group to establish a normal work scheduling mechanism. The team leader is scheduled once a month, and the executive deputy leader is scheduled to be dispatched at least 10 days in principle to increase project promotion and ensure The project was completed on schedule.