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Annual Meeting of China Hotel in Guangzhou curtain Yinfeng International Sheng Lan six awards
The two national conferences have just come to an end, promote the implementation of the national leisure tourism plan, and promote the scale, networking and brand development of the tourism hotel industry, which has once again attracted widespread attention in the industry. On March 18th, the 2012 China Conference and the 12th China Hotel Global Forum, which was praised by the industry and the media as the “China Hotel Industry's First Grand Event”, resumed in Suilong. The annual meeting was initiated by the National Industry Core Journal China Hotel Magazine, Asia Pacific Hotel Association, China Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center, China Hotel Industry Celebrity Club, Peking University China Vocational Research Institute, Sun Yat-sen University Real Estate Education Center, Sun Yat-Sen University Real Estate EMBA The Alumni Association and other units jointly organized, and the Guangdong Hotel Industry Association, the Hong Kong Hotels Association, the Macau Hotel Association and other nearly 30 provincial-level hotels and catering industry local associations co-organized.

The main activities of this annual meeting include: The 12th China Hotel Global Forum, 2012 CHF Exhibition Purchasing Conference, 2012 Charm China·Celebrity Banquet and the 12th China Hotel Golden Horse Awards Ceremony, China Hotel Industry Celebrity Club Golf In the invitational competition, more than 1,000 outstanding people were invited to attend, including: 50% of the chairman, president and general manager of domestic and international branded hotels and catering companies, and 30% of commercial real estate, tourism real estate, investment and financing companies, hotel industry Upstream and downstream industry chain manufacturers, suppliers and service providers account for about 10%, and special guests, experts and scholars, and journalists account for about 10%.

Feast of Thoughts - Exploring New Growth Motives

As the opening of the annual event of China's hotel industry, China Hotel Global Forum focuses on industry hotspots, pays attention to development trends, discusses industrial economy, publishes industry index research report, and shows the development trend of China's hotel industry. It is a collection of domestic and international brand hotels and restaurants. The chairman, president and general manager of the company launched a "feast of thoughts".

This year's global forum focused on the theme of “finding new power for wealth growth”, focusing on the “hotel + real estate” development model experience sharing and the development of boutique hotel chains. The heads of the hotel sections of many well-known domestic real estate companies have conducted in-depth discussions on the development model of “hotel + real estate”.

In addition, Vice President of the China Employment Promotion Association, Director of the China Vocational Research Institute of Peking University, and Chen Yu, the director of the China Institute of Employment, officially released the 2011-2012 China Hotel Industry Salary Survey Report, which has received much attention from the industry. According to the "Remuneration Report", the average growth rate of China's hotel industry in 2011 was the highest in the past eight years, and the training programs and promotion systems of Chinese hotel companies were improving day by day, and young and highly educated were easy to get important information such as salary increase and promotion. At the same time, the “Remuneration Report” data pointed out that the average salary growth rate of hotel and catering enterprises in 2011 reached 15.2% and 18.1% respectively, which was the highest year since the statistics in 2004, which is lower than the average growth rate of 2008. The lowest point (7.01% for hotel companies and 6.5% for catering companies) doubled the growth rate.

It is reported that the salary survey of China's hotel industry jointly conducted by China Hotel Magazine, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center and the Peking University Vocational Research Institute has been carried out for five years since 2007. It is the most authoritative salary evaluation system in China's hotel industry.

After the official release of the "Remuneration Report", three simultaneous sub-forums: Operation Management Forum, Catering Development Forum, Design Technology Forum, Investment and Financing Forum, etc. pushed the current China Hotel Global Forum to a climax.

The power of role models - witness the hotel "Golden Horse Award"

The China Hotel Golden Horse Awards originated from China's outstanding tourist city logo “Ma Tiao Fei Yan”, symbolizing the industry's leading, is the highest honor of the national hotel industry, and is regarded by the media as the vane of the industry development. The award-winning enterprises are recognized by the industry as the monument of the industry. After the nomination of the association, corporate declaration, professional evaluation, public voting, "Golden Horse" experience and other international standards review process, the 12th China Hotel Golden Horse Award winners list was officially released at 16:00 on March 18.

Among them, Yinfeng International Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong Zhongtian Group, won the “Best Boutique Business Hotel Chain Group in China” and “China's Best Serviced Apartment Operator” Award in 2011-2012! Yinfeng Garden Hotel was awarded the “Best Business Hotel in China”, “Best Service Hotel in China” and “Top Ten City Business Hotel in Asia” in China Hotel Industry from 2011 to 2012!

In addition, as the “China Talents Pfizer List”, which is the leader of the Chinese hotel industry and the highest honor of the senior management, it also officially announced the “2011-2012 China Talents Pfizer List”. Mr. Zhang Yukai, Chairman of Yinfeng International Management Co., Ltd., was awarded the “China Five Talents Medal” by the Chinese Hotel Industry!

Winners of the 12th China Hotel Golden Horse Awards Hotel Group Awards