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Zhongtian · Vanke Golden Mile, Washington starting touted Year of the Dragon
On February 11th, Zhongtian·Wanke Jinyu Huafu Phase II Pinguixuan Building 4, Unit 1, a total of 62 sets of 74-103 square meters of 2-3 rooms, the first products were put on sale, 57 sets of transactions on the opening day, including three rooms. The unit is sold out, the transaction area is 5125 square meters, and the subscription rate is 92%.

In 2012, the property market in Dongguan can be said to be cold, most of the real estate can be arrogant, and the sales center of Zhongtian·Wanke Jinyu Huafu Jinyu Huafu has a different scene. The site is filled with sincere customers who come to choose the house, some houses. There have even been rushing, especially the three-bedroom unit has been robbed within an hour and a half. In the words of an industry insider, the reason why Jinyu Huafu can sell well in the reverse market is inseparable from the project's own good product quality, user reputation and superior geographical position.

It is understood that this opening is the first year of the Year of the Dragon Project, mainly for the sincerity of registering customers, taking on-site queuing, first come first served form. The scene combines the "Let's Love a Home" Valentine's Day theme of "Looking at the Show" and the parent-child diy mug event. The atmosphere is warm and warm.