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Group executives examine the project in Dongguan
The year is in spring. January 31st is the New Year's Eve, and the second day of the commencement of Guangdong Zhongtian Group. The Group's President Zhang Yukai, together with the Group and some project management personnel, went deep into the first line of projects operated and under construction in Guanben District, and inspected the project operation. Situation and construction progress.
The delegation visited Tianbao?Creative Valley, Zhongxu Square, Zhongtian·Wanke Jinyu Songhu, Songhu Club, Zhongtian?Wankesong Lake Center, Guangdong Lianke, Lianfeng??Creative Valley and other projects. Listen to the work introduction of the above project leaders in detail, and conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with them.
After field visits and listening to the report, President Zhang expressed his affirmation of the work of each project, proposed a new one-year work goal, and encouraged the project leaders to redouble their efforts, and learn more from other methods of work, cooperation, and financing. The successful experience of the project, broaden the horizon, innovate thinking, flexibly respond to the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the project construction and operation process, and ensure the project operation objectives and construction progress.