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Availink drawn blueprint for South City 500 acres
With the rapid development of high-tech information technology at home and abroad and the gradual deepening of national information construction, the market space of China's information industry has been further expanded. The 12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries in Guangdong Province clearly puts forward the strategic deployment of high-end electronic information industry as a strategic emerging industry. In order to speed up the upgrading of Dongguan's industrial structure and promote the construction of innovative urban areas in Nancheng, the Nancheng District Government has integrated 1000 mu of land in the Shuiyu Area and plans to build a high-tech industrial park. The area will be built into a resource platform for introducing R&D headquarters enterprises, breaking through key technology fields and implementing a modern economic zone with “Science and Technology Nancheng” project.
In order to actively respond to the policy call of the Nancheng District Government to build a thousand-mu high-tech industrial park, Guangdong Zhongtian Lianke Information Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lianke Company”) is based on the Group’s own strategic development direction and closely integrates with the national industrial policy. With the economic situation of the local high-end electronic information industry in Dongguan, the company took the lead in adopting the innovative development model of “1 leading enterprise + 2 capital channels”, painted the blueprint of the 500-mu technology industry in Nancheng, and strived to build the provincial-level high-end information industry park. Targeted large-scale industrialization project - "Dongguan Lianke International Information Industry Research Center".
The project is located on the west side of Shuiyushan Avenue in Shuiyushan Area, Nancheng City. It covers an area of 500 mu and connects to the Shigu Expressway connecting line to the north. The east, west and south sides are mainly enclosed by the border of Nancheng. It is an important part of the water industry's 1,000-mu digital industry area. The land is mainly based on waters and gardens. The landforms of slopes and mountains are accompanied by mountains and the natural environment is superior. It has an innate foundation for building an ecological science and technology research and development center. The site is located in the suburbs of the city (CBD, CLD extension area), and connects to the Fifth Ring Road in Dongguan in the north. It can quickly reach Dongguan Avenue, and is adjacent to Shenhai Expressway. It is especially convenient for connecting Guangzhou and Shenzhen. With Nancheng District, Chang'an Township and Humen Township, which have the strongest economic strength in Dongguan, as the industry support, the future advantage of Dongguan's western development axis will be fully utilized to carry the important business value of the extension of Nancheng District.
The project takes the provincial key projects as the high-end positioning, and will fully integrate the advantageous resources of the Group's development over the years, and actively introduce the Shenzhen EVOC Group, a leading enterprise of domestic special computers, to actively promote the upstream and downstream high-end electronic information enterprise headquarters group and enterprise R&D institutions. Entered the South City. At the same time, the introduction of Shenzhen High-tech Investment and Shanghai Lianchuang two large venture capital institutions, combined venture capital and park development, further cultivate and support high-end electronic information enterprises with development potential, and promote their successful listing.
The EVOC Group introduced by the project is the world's third largest special computer research and development enterprise. The embedded technology of its core products has been upgraded to the national strategic level. It has been highly valued by national leaders and governments at all levels and has become a key research enterprise. The overall technology has reached the level of “domestic leading and international advanced”, and some product technologies have taken the international leading position. It has been rated as “National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise”, “National Planning and Layout Key Software Enterprise” and “Chinese Enterprise Information”. 500" and so on.
EVOC has become the most competitive international brand in the industry, and is committed to providing individualized (OEM/ODM)-specific solutions for various industries around the world, covering industrial control equipment, information communication, network software, road transportation, financial services, etc. Many fields. Joining hands with EVOC, using information technology to drive industrial automation, and taking advantage of research and development to break through key technical fields has far-reaching strategic significance for realizing the integration of local and industrial development and information integration in Dongguan.
In the construction of the capital channel, Shenzhen High-tech Investment Co., Ltd. introduced by Lianke is a professional investment institution in the field of high-tech industry investment and consulting services. On average, it supports the listing of four companies per year, and has provided financing and investment to more than 8,000 enterprises. Services, support 56 domestic and foreign listed companies. In addition, Shanghai Lianchuang Investment Management Co., Ltd. has invested in an average of three companies to successfully list, and 30 portfolio companies have successfully listed. Practice has proved that venture capital and capital channel are favorable conditions and inevitable factors for the development of high-tech industries, and also a catalyst for successful entrepreneurship of high-tech enterprises. In addition, as a special talent training program for the project and a supporting project for the introduction of the company - "50 people returning overseas talents to return to the country to start a business plan" has been included in the construction content, the company has established contacts with some overseas institutions and enterprises.

Lianke is a subsidiary of the group that focuses on investing in the development of high-tech industries. The company's efficient operation team has been involved in the development and construction of high-end technology parks for many years. It has also repeatedly researched successful cases in various places and accumulated valuable experience in the investment and construction of high-tech industrial parks. Development and construction have laid a certain foundation. As one of the core of the team, Zheng Tongen is the project leader, responsible for the integration and scheduling of project resources, and the planning and execution of key time nodes. The core team members such as Ma Jianhuai, Zhang Lei and Cha Xiuping also fully support the development and implementation of all aspects of the project.

It is understood that in the preliminary preparation work, the main personnel of each team have carried out sufficient argumentation research on the feasibility of the project, and earnestly implemented the project construction content, and formulated effective short-term, medium- and long-term project plans, which are the key points for the provincial and municipal governments. The project is well prepared. After six months of hard work in all aspects, the project was successfully approved on December 4, 2011 through provincial key projects.

According to the relevant leaders of the Nancheng District Government and the municipal government, “The project content is in line with the national industrial policy and the strategic planning of the 'Science and Technology Nancheng' project, which will give play to the clustering effect of leading enterprises and the catalytic benefits of financing venture capital, and strive to establish an industry in Nancheng District. The high-end electronic information industry cluster with complete chain and key core technologies has been fully recognized and supported by the leaders of the municipal and district governments.

The person in charge of the center said that the project will fully retain and utilize the unique location advantages of the Nancheng Shuiyu area, and the superior industry support, policy support and urban facilities and other supporting resources to create a green and ecological combination of natural and architectural development. Provincial high-end technology park.
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