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Lianke International Research Center is listed as a provincial and municipal key project
After six months of hard work in all aspects, Guangdong Zhongtian Lianke Information Industry Investment Co., Ltd. “Dongguan Lianke International Information Industry Research Center” project successfully passed the provincial key project registration and approval on December 4, and the project construction has achieved important importance. The phased results also provide important guarantees for the smooth development of the next phase of work. It is reported that before this, the Dongguan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau has already included this project into the city's key projects.

The land of Lianke International Information Industry Research Center is located on the west side of Shuiyushan Avenue in Shuiyu Area, Nancheng, Dongguan. It covers an area of 500 mu and has a total construction area of about 366,663.00 square meters. The estimated total investment is 1.78 billion yuan. The research center will make full use of the location advantages of Nancheng, retain the original natural water system and slope ecology, and focus on building high-end electronic information enterprise R&D building, business incubator, electronic information experiment testing center and auxiliary facilities. After the completion of the project, the “7 service platforms” will be built, namely, the construction of special computer leading enterprise R&D platform, electronic information public service platform, electronic information test and inspection platform, business incubation platform, financial venture capital channel platform, medium-sized enterprise acceleration platform and talents. The education and training platform has become a green eco-type high-tech industrial park integrating science and technology research and development, business incubation, financial venture capital and talent training.
As one of the key construction projects of Guangdong Province and Dongguan City in 2012, Lianke International Information Industry Research Center will fully utilize the power of industrial upgrading and urban upgrading in Dongguan to promote the gathering of high-tech information industry from a high starting point and a high standard. And development, providing a support platform for the technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading of Dongguan enterprises; and driven by the leading enterprises in science and technology, combining the financial channels of two financial venture capitals, supplemented by the implementation of the overseas talents entrepreneurship plan, for the “Technology Dongguan” The project plays a major role in promoting.
The project is based in Dongguan, radiating the Pearl River Delta and even the Asia-Pacific region. It will gradually improve the high-end electronic information industry chain, and support a number of high-quality, high-standard service levels to support a group of rooted in Dongguan, with distinctive professional features, outstanding brand image and complete service facilities. Modern information industry cluster. At present, Lianke has implemented the project to settle in the enterprise. Following the leading enterprise Shenzhen Xiangxiang Group, Shenzhen Xintongda and Shenzhen Maxip Medical Technology and our company reached a cooperation intention. In addition, the special start-up capital of 403 million yuan has also been fully implemented.
It is reported that the project will be completed and constructed in two phases within three and a half years. Among them, the construction of the first phase (100 mu) project was completed from May 2012 to April 2014 for a total of 2 years, with a construction area of 73,300 square meters and an estimated investment of 195.56 million yuan. The second phase (400 mu) project construction project will be completed from May 2013 to December 2015.