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Zhongtian·Wanke Jinyu Songhu creates a new legend of group purchase
“The capital of the park, connected to the world” – On September 17, the launch of Wangtianpin, the second phase of Zhongtian?Wanke Jinyu Songhu Tower, was grandly opened in the banquet hall of Hyatt Regency Songshan Lake. More than 1,000 customers gathered here. Together, witness another legend of Vanke Golden Lake Songhu. On the same day, about 90-160 square meters of international 6A luxury model house also unveiled the mystery, bringing a feast of living space for our customers!

The new product launch conference is gratifying

In addition to the colorful "Lightspeed Earth" launching ceremony, the "Light Painting Performance" of the Songshan Lake Charm, the model show, the 10,000 yuan draw, etc., the Zhongtian?Wanke Jinyu Songhu Phase II Building Wang Xinpin Conference Also open the "super group purchase, ultra-low discount!" group purchase application, customers only need to pay 20,000 yuan membership fee to apply to join the "V club" membership, you can enjoy a discount of 88% off the opening low buy discount, this move attracts More than a thousand customers have rushed to participate in the group purchase application, and the atmosphere is very warm.

More than an hour before the start of the event, the front hall was lined up with long queues. The staff of the hotel said that the Hyatt Hotel Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people on the day of the event, was full, and the crowds who participated in the event even filled the aisle of the back hall. According to statistics, in just one hour of the event, the number of people applying for group purchases exceeded 500.

New international 6A luxury model homes bloom

At noon on September 17, Zhongtian·Wanke Jinyu Songhu Phase II new model house was officially opened. The customers who came to visit the model house were in a constant stream. The cars on the roadside outside the sales center also lined up with long queues, many customers. If you don't have lunch, you will arrive at the Jinyu Songhu Sales Center directly. It is only for the first time to witness the elegance of the international 6A luxury model house.

It is reported that the model houses opened in the second phase of Jinyu Songhu Lake are three houses of about 93 square meters, three houses of about 129 square meters, four houses of about 147 square meters and four houses of about 166 square meters, all of which are rare houses in Songshan Lake. . As the transcendence of the Vanke Golden Field Department, Jinyu Songhu is a new urban luxury mansion in the core of the national high-tech park. It is equipped with a 2,800-square-meter Supreme Club and 1,200 square meters. The super-large landscape swimming pool, 8 theme parks, over 10,000 square meters of commercial streets and the best quality educational resources in Dongguan are worthy of the irreplaceable Habitat of Songshan Lake.