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Southland Nga popular identification chips
On May 16th, the Nanguo Yayuan·Finnish product recognition event was grandly opened, and the purchase of 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan was purchased, which triggered many home buyers to go to the site to apply for recognition. In May, Zhongtang, focusing on the South Country Yayuan.
On the day of the event, the sales center of Nanguo Yayuan was very popular, and the customers who went to the list were all in a constant stream. Many customers even came from the field to “grab” the first. Therefore, around 10 in the morning, the South China Yayuan sales center has long been busy, very lively. Nanguo Yayuan?壹品 offers 10,000 to 50,000 purchases for the customers. At the same time, the site also carefully set up colorful activities such as Brazilian barbecue, fantasy magic, etc., attracting the attention of many customers.
Nanguo Yayuan is located in the core position of Zhongtang Town. Relying on the scarcity of the value of the lot, in the attitude of the leader, it is proud of the Wansui property market and creates the upper-class urban life of Zhongtang.
The urban rail property opened a new lifeline for the Wansui. "The city rails are ringing, the gold is two thousand", the urban rails have no exhaust pollution, and the low-carbon travel modes without traffic jams are highly sought after by the whole world. With the extensive use of urban railroads, the potential for appreciation of properties along the route cannot be ignored. Zhongtang, the center of the intersection of Guangzhou and Dongguan. Nanguo Yayuan is located above the real nuclear center of Zhongtang Town. The Wansui City Rail Station is located in the middle hall, which makes Nanguo Yayuan a property along the track. After the opening of the city rail, it will not be more than 20 minutes from Nanguo Yayuan to Guangzhou and Dongguan. With such convenient and fast transportation, Nanguo Yayuan will naturally increase its price by a hundred times and have unlimited potential.

230,000 m2 courtyard, occupying high-end ecological community. People living in the bustling city always hope to find a world of their own in the downtown area, relax and enjoy the colorful nature. Nanguo Yayuan creates a 20000m2 Lingnan Ecological Garden in the bustling center of the city. On the basis of fully considering the habits of human habitation, it perfectly displays the culture of Lingnan Water Village, allowing you to enjoy a high-grade private courtyard. In order to match the honor, Nanguo Yayuan has also carefully created a 1,500m2 noble clubhouse, swimming pool... to make life more colorful. Together with the surrounding bilingual kindergartens, Zhongtang Primary School, Zhongtang Middle School, Dongguan Fourth Middle School and other educational halls, your children will win at the starting line. In the South Country Yayuan, life seems so comfortable and comfortable, showing the extraordinary grace of the king everywhere.
Double King Building, reappearing the style of the king of luxury. Nanguo Yayuan, the design of the apartment is reasonable, and the double balcony design of the households shows the extraordinary temperament of the residents. 141 square meters of four bedrooms and two halls, located in the position of the king of Shuangjinglou in Nanguo Yayuan. The square type is practical, the design is dynamic and partitioned, and the ultra-wide floor space is designed with a bright and beautiful house. In addition to greatly ensuring the quietness of the residence, it also has an excellent landscape orientation, allowing you to enjoy the pool and garden landscape without leaving home. . At the same time, the excellent layout of the north and south, the landscape is more valuable, to meet the needs of life, so that the king's temperament is not obvious.
Nanguo Yayuan, which aggregates many advantages, attracts the enthusiastic attention of Wansui buyers, and the VIP upgrade is currently in full swing.
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