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Sky Club in financial investment share Salon
Inflation, prices are soaring, money is placed in the bank, how fast is the depreciation speed? How should we maximize the benefits through wealth management investment and realize the preservation and appreciation of wealth? How to prepare for the child education, family needs and retirement planning, and build a family financial safety net? Are you clear about these?

The so-called "you don't manage money, money does not care about you." In order to enable employees to get out of the common misunderstanding of financial management, enhance the concept of rational investment and reasonable financial management, and effectively grasp the effective and practical knowledge of financial investment, on the afternoon of August 18, Zhongtian Club held a wonderful meeting in the conference room of the Yinfeng Garden Hotel Annex. The wealth management salon, and invited Mr. Deng Kang and Mr. Ke Luoping, senior financial planners of the Financial Business Physician Consultant Co., Ltd. to participate in the sharing of financial management experience.

The two financial planners have made an in-depth explanation of the actual financial problems that are common in everyone's life, focusing on the current national economic policy adjustments and even the global economic situation, combined with rich financial management examples. Their humorous explanations have won the presence from time to time. The enthusiastic applause of many employees, the passion for on-site exchanges and learning is very high... Participants said that through this lecture, they have come into contact with a lot of professional financial investment knowledge, which is beneficial to the improvement of personal financial management ability. I hope that more will be held in the future. A similar knowledge sharing activity.