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Southland Huijinglou Wang Nga three grand opening
On August 16th, Wansui Shuangcheng Real Estate was eagerly awaiting the opening of the Nanjing Yayuan Zhongguan Sanjinglou Wang Hardcover Model House. Since the Nanguo Yayuan Sanjinglou Wang self-confidence, it has attracted the attention and pursuit of home buyers. In addition to the unrivaled advantages of the site, supporting facilities, and appreciation space, the design of the apartment is also the focus of home buyers. This time, Nanguo Yayuan has opened two sets of model houses, which are two rooms with wide rooms and two rooms with river views. No matter which type of apartment is transparent to the north and south, it is practical and practical, combining modern living trends and urban tastes. The luxury and beauty that are inadvertently revealed are unstoppable.

Among them, the wide-area four-bedroom area with an area of about 134.05 square meters is spacious and bright, and every inch of space is maximized and there is no waste. The ingenious design of the home garden reflects the incomparable honor of the home. At the same time, the Xuanchang living room is connected to the balcony of the landscape, and the unique Lingnan-style central swimming pool landscape is easily introduced into the hall; the independent main bathroom design of the master bedroom suite shows the owner's honor and extraordinary. The whole set of model houses emphasizes a sense of luxury, blending fashion decorative elements into modern space design, revealing elegance in the details and casting luxury in elegance.

The two rooms of Jiangjing are about 76.99 square meters, which are small families and wedding houses. The layout of the apartment is compact and orderly, transparent to the north and south, and the lighting effect is good. The kitchen has been cleverly designed with added comfort and sophistication to showcase the value of the space. The spacious balcony with views gives you a fascinating view of the river. The design of the double balcony is more welcome to visit the sun. The private bedroom, the open room, the corner window and the maximum storage of the ultimate beauty, make people feel comfortable and warm. The overall model room, the overall feeling of fashion and beauty, is a practical type of investment, home choices.

It is reported that in the background of Wansui Rongcheng, the product quality of Nanjing Yayuan Sanjinglou Wang is definitely a good opportunity for home buyers! At present, the new products are being accepted for the hot start, and the opening is just around the corner, and the final countdown of 10,000 to 50,000 purchases!