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Southland Nga new
On July 17th, the new product “Sanjinglou Wang” of Nanguo Yayuan was formally publicly recognized, attracting many customers' attention. It is understood that in addition to enjoying the 10,000-yuan purchase discount, the customers who participated in the day can also participate in the home appliance lottery and have more super-functional gifts. Therefore, the fund-raising activities will be completed at the start of the Wansui Shuangcheng Real Estate. The enthusiasm of the people, many customers said that waiting for the South China Yayuan to push new products has been a long time, and immediately after learning the news, they rushed.

Nanguo Yayuan's three-door building with an area of 70-140 square meters is available to meet the needs of home buyers. The new products are in addition to the advantages of all the products of Nanguo Yayuan Phase I. Sexuality, functional division, privacy, spatial scale, landscape vision and other aspects have been comprehensively upgraded, and the details are more complete and scientific. The Sanjinglou King of Nanguo Yayuan is located on the central axis of the community. The product landscape is superior and can be viewed 360 degrees in all aspects. The river view, community garden view and five-star hotel garden view are all in the eye. In the design of the apartment, this product adopts the design of two ladders and four households, and creates a super wide floor space to fully protect the privacy of the owners.

As the chief skilled community in the central area of Zhongtang, the high-end community around Nanguo Yayuan is full of business and prosperity. In its 5-minute life circle, it is a perfect match for schools, banks, plazas, supermarkets, etc. The city is full of control, and the high cost performance of Nanguo Yayuan is worthy of the home of the Wansui Shuangcheng home buyers.