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Zhongtian Vanke·New Golden Mile,Washington two bright market
On May 20th, the Pearl River Delta Star Project, the most popular and eye-catching project of the Pearl River Delta, was launched in the International Ballroom of Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel. The homebuyers who are concerned about the Golden Mile Washington have come to the show, and the event is unprecedentedly lively and gratifying. The new product launch conference also launched the “Golden 30’ home ownership plan” and performed the Golden 30’ Smile Happy Show and Awards. According to statistics, the total number of people attending the conference that night was more than 1,500. Once again, the legend of Jinyu Huafu was continued with a high popularity.

★ Golden 30’ home plan attracts attention

The “Golden 30’ Property Plan” was jointly launched by Zhongtian Vanke·Golden Fields and the Agricultural Bank of China. Anyone who successfully manages the Golden 30’ Home Purchase Program at the Agricultural Bank Jinyu Huafu Sub-branch will receive a golden passport and enjoy an unprecedented discount of 92% off the purchase. As soon as the plan announced, home buyers immediately immersed themselves in the event site, and were eager to understand and handle the Golden 30’ home purchase plan. They also rushed the 2000 publicity materials prepared by the developers in less than an hour!

★ Sincerely thank you for your loyal customers waiting for more than half a load

Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase I has been sold out for nearly half a year, and her loyal customers have been looking forward to the launch of the second phase of the new product. Zhongtian Vanke?Jinyu Huafu is grateful to the loyal customers for their long-term concern and support. And the Golden Circle Washington "Golden 30' micro-happiness, tell your story" online collection activities to award, 10 grand prize winners after winning the value of 100,000 yuan Langqi International Top Private Yacht Club Ocean Tour Award, They all came to the stage to share their joy with everyone.

Huacai board room, happy to bloom

On June 4th, the international hardcover model room of Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase II debuted, revealing the mystery for the first time. Due to the market position and consistent popularity of Vanke Jinyu Huafu in the central area of Dongguan, the model houses have attracted a lot of home buyers since the opening, and the visitors are fully prepared. Guide the flow of people, orderly in order.
New upgrade, the only area of the pure plate park in the central area

Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase II is a new upgraded version of Phase I, the largest park community in the core business district. Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase II has a total construction area of approximately 340,000 m2 and a floor area ratio of 2.6. It consists of 20 high-rise residential buildings with 18 to 32 floors. The layout of the semi-enclosed courtyard group is designed to maximize the courtyard space. The modern style of the building's fa?ade, stylish and elegant, will become the center of residential landmarks. The first floor of the residential building is overhead, combined with sports facilities, to form a pan-club that is dominated by recreational sports. The product line is rich, all of which are rare and pure plate-type houses in South China. They are transparent and have a view of the front and back. There are two-story three-story 74m2 practical two-bedroom, 103m2 comfortable three-bedroom and 149m2 classic four-bedroom, all with international Hardcover for sale. Moreover, it has also planned a two-story, two-family 167m2 luxury four-bedroom, all with green top-class luxury equipment for sale. Seven theme leisure resort parks, double swimming pools, and double clubs, truly interpret “going home is the beginning of vacation”.

Once customized, some of the properties are sold out.

On the evening of June 17, the first batch of 204 units of Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase II were customized. The first batch of customized activities were mainly for customers with golden passports, which were carried out in two batches. Customers with nearly 300 golden passports attended the event that night. Because the two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses available for customers can't meet the needs of on-site customers, they will be warned within two hours. Customers with two or three-bedroom houses are looking forward to the next batch of new products. Three days on the weekend, a total of 168 sets were customized, with an area of about 17,266 square meters, and the amount was about 180 million yuan. The turnover rate was over 82%. Two rooms and three rooms were sold out perfectly, and the sales rate of the four rooms was 50%.

Pure gold independent street shop, the only center

It was launched almost simultaneously with Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Phase II, and there are also supporting projects for Zhongtian Vanke?Golden Field Huafu Commercial Street. Zhongtian Vanke?Jinyu Huafu is facing the planned central business core area. Jinyu Huafu Commercial Street is located in the most prosperous urban area of Dongguan, super five-star hotel, Grade A office building, urban complex, large Landmark properties such as business centers will gather here. At the same time, the 50,000-square-meter high-end community of Jinyu Huafu Project has a fixed flow of 20,000 people, and the surrounding large-scale community has a strong consumption power of 300,000 people. Together with the new city center station near the Wanhui Intercity Rail and Light Rail R2 Line Interchange Station, It can radiate hundreds of thousands of high-end people's streams every day in the Pearl River Delta, and its future value-added potential is limitless. Undoubtedly, Jinyu Huafu Commercial Street, one of the pure gold independent street shops, will become the “Central”, “Futian Center” and “Pearl River New City” in Dongguan, which is the only one in the center.