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Group information system
After a period of investigation and preparation, the Group's information system construction project finally finalized the cooperative brand. In early May, Zhongtian Group and Dongguan Kingdee Company formally established a cooperative relationship. The two sides reached a consensus on the information system of Zhongtian Group, and adopted the office OA system as the entry point for this work. It is planned to use three years. Gradually complete the planning, design and integration of the entire information system of Zhongtian Group.

In order to ensure the smooth operation and implementation of this OA project, on May 19th, the Group and Dongguan Golden Disc Company jointly held a project kick-off meeting. The senior management and project team members and the backbone of each department participated in the kick-off meeting. The project team experts from Kingdee gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation and implementation plan of the OA project, which enabled the participants to have a deeper understanding and understanding of the OA system and related coordination work, and also for the next construction. The work laid a good foundation.

It is understood that as the first stop milestone plan of Zhongtian Group's information system, the content of this OA project mainly involves the operation of the collaborative office system of the Group and Zhongtian Real Estate and the integration of the existing financial system. The implementation of the entire project, from the previous research The system blueprint design to the system commissioning and acceptance plan took 3 months and is expected to be delivered by early August. After the system platform is set up, other branches of the group will also be included in the group information construction process. By then, the staff's work efficiency will be greatly improved, and the company's execution will be further enhanced.

Up to now, the preliminary research work of Zhongtian Group OA project has been successfully completed, and the project blueprint design work is in progress. I believe that with the support and cooperation of all employees, the OA project will be able to land smoothly.