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Synnex Assembly cohesion create win - Dongguan four real estate giant will jointly build Dongguan Featured Properties
On December 30, 2010, Guangdong Zhongtian Group, Dongguan Vanke Real Estate, Everbright Real Estate and Fengpeng Industrial and other four major housing companies held a simple and grand signing ceremony at Yinfeng Garden Hotel to jointly develop the Xinzhu Road in Songshan Lake. The plot project reached a consensus agreement. Group President Zhang Yukai attended the cooperation signing ceremony on behalf of Zhongtian Group.

The development project that can attract the cooperation of the four major real estate companies in Dongguan is located in the Xinzhu Road section of the Songshan Lake in Dongguan, with a total land area of 125,590 square meters. The agreement aims to create the most distinctive high in Dongguan. Quality commercial projects to meet the urgent needs of large-scale commercial facilities and high-end commercial properties in Songshan Lake and surrounding areas.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation was successfully completed in a relaxed, cheerful and harmonious atmosphere. The signing of the agreement means that Guangdong Zhongtian Group will further deepen its strategic cooperation with Dongguan Vanke Real Estate following the cooperation projects of “Zhongtian?Golden Fields” and “Zhongtian?Golden Songhu”; and Dongguan local real estate giants The shareholding investment and joint development of Everbright Real Estate also symbolizes that Guangdong Zhongtian Group has opened a new chapter in the alliance with local real estate giants.

                                               signing ceremony
                                          Joined forces