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Southland Villas: 10% after selling the whole city Tse
Since the opening of the market, Nanguo Yayuan has been favored by the home buyers of Guangzhou and Dongguan. It has been leading the property market for three months with the attitude of the Dongguan property market. Its superior location advantages, perfect living facilities and mature living atmosphere make it the preferred property for many home buyers.

Nanguo Yayuan is one of the top series projects carefully built by Dongguan Xinrui Mingqi Zhongtian Litong Real Estate. It is located in the core area of Zhongtang Central District, adjacent to the five-star hotel, within the planned light rail site, the master plan With an area of 230,000 square meters, it is a rare super-large courtyard community in the center of Guangzhou City. Convenient transportation is complemented by excellent regional prospects. In addition to the practical and practical layout plan, Nanguo Yayuan has become a favorite of home buyers in Guangzhou and Wanzhou.

Thanks to the whole city after the hot sale! In order to thank the new and old customers for their support and love for Nanguo Yayuan, Nanguo Yayuan has launched a limited-edition Jiangjing two-bedroom unit, and will enjoy the 10% discount for the home buyers. At the same time, it will also launch a series of special promotions, thank you for the whole city, event prizes. Rich, stay tuned!

Thank you hotline: 88111111