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Golden Washington House King upcoming tour
Dongguan Daily News, Vanke·Golden Field Huafu to Jinglou Wang Group hardcover 2-4 room new products will be listed in September shocked, sincerely registered to enjoy the opening 20,000 yuan preferential hot. Vanke·Golden Field Huafu’s launch of the Jingjinglou Wang Group is right in the Xiangxi Yajing Southeast Asian Central Royal Resort Garden and the 1,300-square-meter borderless waterfall pool, with a 160-meter-wide super-wide space, the city center is bustling and central The landscape is unobstructed, and you can enjoy the dream of retreat at the center of the city while enjoying the vision.

In the core area of the CBD, you can enjoy over 10 billion municipal facilities and freely control the high-quality life of the city.

The newly-planned central business core area, Vanke·Golden Field, has a total area of 190,000 square meters and a total construction area of 500,000 square meters. It is the largest residential project in the central area of Dongguan. It is developed in two phases, one of which covers the first phase. The area is about 60,000 square meters, the total construction area is about 160,000 square meters, and the total number of households in the first phase is 1,596.

Vanke·Golden Field Huafu is located in the “Gorgeous Mile” of tens of billions of municipal living facilities in Dongguan. In addition to the well-known surrounding facilities such as the Magnolia Theatre, the library, the gymnasium and the pedestrian street, the project is located off the R2 line of the light rail that has already started. Wanhui Intercity Rail Transit Station - Xincheng Central Station is only 5 minutes walking distance. Through the light rail station, the owners of Vanke Jinyu Huafu can reach all important cities in the Pearl River Delta within half an hour. It can be said that in the core area of central business, it is possible to provide unlimited imagination for the future value of the property.

Wal-Mart to do life support

The Vanke·Golden Field Huafu project itself is quite perfect. 12,000 square meters of the world's top 500 retail giant Wal-Mart Dongguan flagship store will open at the end of the year, 2000 square meters of the land theater on the doorstep, the city's only 1300 square meters of the Super Waterfall Pool as the owner of the tour, Dongguan's only diamond-level club is unparalleled, the purchase can enter The provincial primary school, Sunshine Central Primary School, Vanke·Golden Field Huafu will be fully equipped with what you think of and what you did not expect.

Central garden is about to present

Vanke·Golden Field Huafu was first opened on September 19, 2009. More than 10,000 people attended the exhibition on the same day. On October 8, 2009, 306 sets were first launched. The opening of the goods in January was realized, which created the myth of Dongguan property market. On April 24, 2010, in the first week after the New Deal, 528 units were sold and sold out quickly. Vanke Jinyu Huafu once again became the vane of the Dongguan property market.

It is understood that Vanke·Golden Field's central garden landscape and new physical model house will be presented at the end of August, and the new product of the Louwang group will be unveiled, which is worthy of attention from all buyers!