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The third phase of the Songshan Lake E-Commerce Lecture Hall and the “2014 Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce Development Situation Outlook” theme salon was successfully held
On the afternoon of January 3, 2014, the third phase of the Songhu E-Commerce Lecture Hall and the “2014 Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce Development Situation Outlook” theme salon was successfully held on the 2nd floor of the Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park Experience Hall.

The theme event was hosted by Songshan Lake Economic Development Bureau and hosted by Dongguan E-Commerce Association. Chen Haiquan, deputy director of the Provincial E-Commerce Expert Committee, Liu Zhiyong, founder of Shenzhen Haimao, and Yang Yingwu, vice president of Export Yi, Shenzhen Chang Liu Jingyuan, Director of Foreign Trade of Jincheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and Luo Yikui, President of Dongguan Internet Business Alliance, and other five guests shared the topic of “2014 Cross-border E-commerce Development Situation in Dongguan”.

The Songshan Lake Management Committee and the leaders of the Economic Development Bureau visited the event site to interact with the guests. The guests present at the event included more than 80 entrepreneurs and representatives from the Songshan Lake Entrepreneurs Association and the Network Business Alliance. The original 50-person salon event attracted dozens of corporate representatives to share in more than three hours. At the meeting, everyone gave a wonderful speech to the guests, and they also took the "offline" discussion of the guest speakers, cherishing the opportunity of common communication and promotion.

By analyzing the development history of Chinese e-commerce for more than ten years, Professor Chen mentioned that the high-speed growth stage of e-commerce industry has become a thing of the past. It will become more and more difficult to build a successful e-commerce platform. It is particularly important for enterprises to position themselves and model innovation. Business model innovation and service innovation are urgently needed. The key to the e-commerce O2O model in the era of big data lies in mobile technology and precision marketing. It is necessary to strengthen data mining, customer experience and supply chain management. Online and offline integration is the mainstream, and the omnichannel era has arrived!

Shenzhen Haimao Fair is the platform for the supply of goods, channels, services and talent resources in the global cross-border e-commerce sector. The core purpose is to integrate the foreign trade e-commerce industry chain. Liu, the founder of Shenzhen Haimao Association, believes that the difference between cross-border e-commerce and traditional e-commerce lies in the establishment of IT system guarantees, the establishment of staff work standards, and the professional people to do professional things. Cross-border enterprises must develop in groups to achieve complementary And win-win.

The keynote speaker also mentioned that Dongguan cross-border e-commerce has obvious basic advantages, but lacks institutional innovation, lacks SME service platform, and needs to gather core elements in the industrial chain in the future, and strive to support model enterprises, and the government should do the most. It is to build a localized industrial chain, and the service platform for cross-border e-commerce must also carry out institutional reforms to help SMEs to provide full-service supply chain services.

In addition, the export of Yi Yang Zong, Shenzhen Chang Jincheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Liu Zong also shared their valuable experience in the company's operation and market development with their own companies as a case. With the theme of “The Power of the Business Circle”, the president of Dongguan Internet Business Merchants Luo introduced the dynamic network merchant alliance to the guests with humorous and funny speech. At the end of the event, Dunhuang Network invited corporate guests to participate in the interactive session of the B2B cross-border e-commerce transaction platform on-site registration experience, so that everyone can experience the convenience of the Dunhuang network, and further understand the resource advantages, preferential activities and value-added services of the platform. Etc., help companies expand overseas channels.

At present, the Songshan Lake Entrepreneurs Association has established a cooperative relationship with the Songchuang E-Commerce Industry Base, and will use the 2nd floor of the Innovation Park Experience Center as an office and event venue. In the future, it will continue to build a good communication and cooperation platform for the high-tech enterprises in the region. The promotion, market development and transformation and upgrading of environmental e-